Your safety at university is very important to us. The benefits include enabling you to achieve you full potential, preventing harm, promoting your welfare and helping you to feel secure. We encourage all students to think about their safety as early as possible.

We understand that new environments are a challenge

University is an exciting time of change, new people and new environments but this also means that students can be more vulnerable during their studies. Anyone in our community can be at risk of abuse or neglect and safeguarding it is a shared responsibility for all of us, to keep each other safe.

Whilst there are groups who may be more vulnerable to abuse or neglect, risk is more likely to be increased by circumstances rather than personal characteristics and is often the result of a culmination of factors.

Promoting a Safe Community

Your responsibility as a member of the University community is to be on the lookout for signs of abuse and neglect and to share any concerns you have with the University so that we can follow up and offer support. If you are concerned about another student, please complete the Cause for Concern form. You can report your concerns anonymously if you choose to. Your concerns may include issues around a student's health, wellbeing or behaviour or circumstances that may be impacting their academic progress or general management of life at University.

We are committed to promoting the Wellbeing of all the university community, particularly those who have been identified as at risk, and we adopt a person-centred approach to safeguarding. This means that where we can, we will work with at risk individuals to find solutions that are appropriate to their needs and wishes. We can work with you to ensure you understand what the university can do to support you emotionally, to remove or manage harm, and to manage any impact on your studies.

Partnership working

The University works in partnership with our regional networks to help safeguard our community. We work in partnership with local Councils, the Police and other statutory agencies to share information, identify issues and respond to challenges. As part of this local partnership activity, the University meets its statutory duty in relation to preventing vulnerable people from being drawn into extremism or terrorism (PREVENT). If you are concerned about yourself or others being drawn into extremism or are at risk of radicalisation then please follow the Cause for Concern reporting route.

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