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Our Humanities based courses within the Institute of Education and Humanities offers students a flexible and exciting way to study through our innovative immersive teaching system. 

This gives you the opportunity to design a programme of study that suits you as an individual, complimenting your interests, academic strengths and future aspirations. We can help you find the programme that’s right for you.

You can choose from five types of flexible programmes:

  • Single Honours Degree: Specialise in one subject and choose an additional 2 humanities-based modules from anything available within the Institute.
  • Joint Honours Degree: Choose two subject areas you are interested in and combine them by taking modules in each of the two subjects
  • Major/Minor Degree: Compliment your ‘major’ single honours subject, which accounts for 75% of your course, with a ‘minor’ subject which accounts for the remaining 25%.
  • BA Liberal Arts: A degree designed by you, choosing from the best of what the humanities has to offer.
  • Combined Honours Degree: Combine 3 subjects in a unique way to suit your interests.

Want to immerse yourself in something your passionate about? Choose a Single Honours degree which allows you to focus on one main subject area. Built around core modules in your chosen subject area (normally 4 modules per year) while also allowing you to choose from any 2 humanities-based modules available within the Faculty.

Some of our available Single Honours Programmes:

  • BA Ancient History
  • BA Anthropology
  • BA Applied Anthropology
  • BA Archaeology
  • BA Chinese Studies
  • BA Classical Civilisation
  • BA Creative Writing
  • BA English
  • BA Heritage
  • BA History
  • BA Medieval Studies
  • BA Modern History
  • BA Philosophy
  • BA Religious Studies
  • BA Theology
  • BA Ancient Civilisations
  • BA Archaeology Of Egypt, Aegean and the Near East
  • BA Astudiaethau Crefyddol
  • BA Celtic Studies
  • BA Classics
  • BA Conflict And War
  • BA International Development And Global Politics
  • BA Liberal Arts
  • BA Political Ecology
  • BA Sinology

Our Joint Honours degrees gives you the flexibility to choose a combination of two subject areas that best complement your interests. In these programmes, you divide your modules 50:50 between your two chosen subject areas, normally taking 3 modules from each. 

Some of our available Joint Honours Programmes:

  • BA Ancient and Medieval History
  • BA Anthropology and Classical Civilisation
  • BA Anthropology and Heritage
  • BA Archaeology and Anthropology
  • BA Chinese Studies and Anthropology
  • BA Chinese Studies and English
  • BA Chinese Studies and Heritage
  • BA Chinese Studies and History
  • BA Chinese Studies and Medieval Studies
  • BA Chinese Studies and Philosophy
  • BA Chinese Studies and Religious Studies
  • BA Classical Civilisation and Archaeology
  • BA Classical Civilisation and Creative Writing
  • BA Classical Civilisation and Heritage 
  • BA Creative Writing and English
  • BA Creative Writing and Heritage
  • BA Creative Writing and Philosophy
  • BA English and Anthropology
  • BA English and Classical Civilisation
  • BA English and Heritage
  • BA Ethical and Political Studies
  • BA History and Anthropology
  • BA History and Archaeology
  • BA History and Creative Writing
  • BA History and English
  • BA History and Heritage
  • BA Medieval Studies and Anthropology
  • BA Medieval Studies and Archaeology
  • BA Medieval Studies and Classical Civilisation
  • BA Medieval Studies and English
  • BA Medieval Studies and Heritage
  • BA Medieval Studies with Latin
  • BA Philosophy and Anthropology
  • BA Philosophy and Classical Civilisation
  • BA Philosophy and English
  • BA Philosophy and Heritage
  • BA Philosophy and History
  • BA Philosophy and Medieval Studies
  • BA Religious Studies and Anthropology
  • BA Religious Studies and Heritage
  • BA Theology and Classical Civilisation
  • BA Theology and Heritage
  • BA Theology and History
  • BA Theology and Philosophy
  • BA Theology and Religious Studies

This innovative and flexible degree programme allows you to tailor your degree from the wide range of options available in the Humanities. The BA Liberal Arts programme allows you, with guidance from your personal tutor, to develop your own personal focus whether that be based on theme, subject or even skill set.

Our combined honours programmes allow you to study from a flexible, multidisciplinary framework focusing on particular themes around History, Economics, Politics, Philosophy, Religion, Ethics and Applied Psychology.

  • BA History, Economics, and Politics
  • BA Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
  • BA Religion, Ethics, and Applied Psychology
  • BA Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics
  • BA Religion, Theology, and Ethics
  • BA Religion, Theology, and Philosophy
  • BA Theology, Philosophy, and Ethics

These degree programmes allow you to focus on one major subject area while also giving you the opportunity to take advantage of the extensive pathways available across the Humanities. In these programmes, you divide your modules 75:25 between your major and your minor subject area normally taking 4 modules from your major subject and 2 modules from your minor pathway. Our minor pathway options include: Education Studies, Ancient Egyptian Culture, Greek, Latin, Publishing, Politics, Economics, TEFL, Islamic Studies an Applies Psychology.

Some of our available MajorMinor Honours Programmes:

  • BA Anthropology with Education Studies
  • BA Archaeology with Ancient Egyptian Culture
  • BA Archaeology with Education Studies
  • BA Chinese Studies with Education Studies
  • BA Classical Civilisation with Ancient Egyptian Culture
  • BA Classical Civilisation with Education Studies
  • BA Classical Civilisation with Greek
  • BA Classical Civilisation with Latin
  • BA Creative Writing with Publishing
  • BA Creative Writing with Education Studies
  • BA English with Publishing
  • BA English with Education Studies
  • BA English with TEFL
  • BA History with Economics
  • BA History with Education Studies
  • BA History with Politics
  • BA Philosophy with Applied Psychology
  • BA Philosophy with Education Studies
  • BA Religious Studies with Applied Psychology
  • BA Religious Studies with Education Studies
  • BA Religious Studies with Islamic Studies
  • BA Religious Studies with Philosophy
  • BA Theology with Education Studies