Our Top 10 Tips for being Green on Campus

Follow our top tips to help reduce your environmental impact on Campus.

1. Recycle

Did you know that recycling one plastic bottle is enough to power a lightbulb for 4 hours! Take a look at our Waste Management page to find out what can be recycled on campus.

2. Save Energy

Follow our handy tips on how to save energy, £££s and CO2
How to save energy on campus

3. Be water wise

A leaky tap can waste 5,500 litres of water a year so be sure to report any leaking taps! If you are based in Carmarthen or Lampeter you can do this through Quantarc, or please report to your main reception desk if in Swansea.

4. Reuse or recycle your coffee cups

The Starbucks coffee cups can now be recycled on our Carmarthen and Swansea campuses so be sure to pop them in the Dry Mixed Recycling bin!

Don’t worry Lampeter students, there is another option to sending your coffee cup to landfill! You can buy one of the UWTSD reusable coffee cups at Café 1822, you’ll get a loyalty card and receive a free coffee or tea when you have 10 stamps! You can also get discount at other coffee shops if you bring a reusable cup, Starbucks offer 25p off your drink. 

5. Don’t waste food!

In 2015 7.3million tonnes of food was thrown away in Britain! By using the food you buy you could save up to £200 a year. Check out Love Food Hate Waste’s recipes https://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/recipes for ideas to use up your leftovers.  

6. Get active while you travel

Our campuses sit at the heart of their towns so it is easy to get around on foot, bike and public transport. Getting active while you travel is an easy way to save money and get healthy at the same time! Check out our Green Travel Page for useful tools to plan your active journey.

7. Support Fair Trade

UWTSD is a Fairtrade University and has a strong commitment to supporting farmers and food producers. Fairtrade products can be found in all of our food outlets and by buying these you are supporting ethical and fair trading.

8. Go digital

Take notes on your laptop at lectures. You’ll save money on notebooks and save trees!

9. Share the knowledge

Share your energy saving tips or leftover recipes with your fellow students.

10. Get Involved

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with sustainability campaigns and activities throughout the academic year. Check out our Get Involved page and keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for upcoming events!

Don’t live on campus? Follow these super useful tips from Green Age on being sustainable at home!