An average of 17% savings in energy across the University was demonstrated as a result of this year's Blackout.

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This year's Blackout was a success!  Thank you to everyone who came out to take part!

Blackout was a national event, taking place at universities all over the UK.  With the help of 45 student volunteers and10 staff volunteers, the challenge was to turn-off all non-essential equipment in office areas that have been left on before the weekend (i.e. computers, printers, lights, mobile phone chargers).  The energy usage of the weekend was then compared with that of previous weekends to reveal the savings that can be achieved by implementing just a few small changes to the way we work.

At UWTSD, Blackout was held at Carmarthen, Lampeter, and Swansea campuses.  Across the University, we switched off more than 400 computers and 220 non-PC pieces of equipment.  In total, 1158 pieces of equipment were found left on throughout seven buildings.  Turning these off gave us an average savings of 17%.  Swansea, in particular, revealed a 35% savings in energy.  Over the course of a year, this exercise demonstrated the potential to attain a savings of 16,534 kg CO2e and £3,304.

We hope all staff and students will keep this in mind as they prepare to leave for the holidays!

The event was not all about saving energy, however.  At each campus, organisers arranged for a variety of activities...

In Swansea, the event ended with food and a great discussion in the Dynevor Canteen.  It also included tuning into the live 24 of Hours of a Climate Reality, an event hosted by Al Gore to prepare for the COP21 conference. 

In Lampeter, as the volunteers finished their audits, they embarked on a Ghost Walk through the campus, put on by the LARP society.  They were lead through the dark with the help of their glowsticks before returning to the Old Bar for some food and a "Children in Need" event put on by the Students' Union.

In Carmarthen, auditors reconvened at the Student Union for food and a Fairtrade Tasting event featuring Fairtrade chocolate and Fairtrade wine.  This was organised by our Fairtrade intern, Kaura Stephens.

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