Green Impact Awards 2017


This year's UWTSD Green Impact Award ceremony took place on 11th May and celebrated the 17 inspirational teams that participated in this years’ programme.

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation scheme run by the Sustainability Delivery Team and the National Union of Students. Throughout the year staff complete an online workbook that helps them to implement actions that make our offices, university and community greener and more sustainable.

This was the fourth year that UWTSD has taken part in Green Impact and we were so pleased to see more than 650 actions were put in place by the teams!

The awards were presented by Jane Davidson, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor for External Stakeholder Development and Engagement and Director of INSPIRE; Siriol Leach, Sustainability Project Officer at NUS and Jenny Lloyd, Green Engagement Officer.

Here’s how the teams did; 

Working towards Bronze

Student Services Swansea
This team has achieved a great deal over the year, and despite working across different offices and campuses, they didn’t let this stop them from working together to make a big green impact in their offices.



This inspiring team has championed sustainability on their campus and have used their creativity and passion to develop some really innovative solutions – one example is their wormery that composts their waste food!

SOAC Green Team
The whole school committed to green impact this year and it has been particularly encouraging to see how they utilised their expertise and skills to find innovative ways to meet the workbook criteria. This year they set up a recycling station in their office for things that couldn’t be recycled elsewhere, like Tassimo pods. They have developed their moodle page so assignment submissions are now paperless, and their team has run lunchtime walks that promote well-being and have introduced us to some of the green spaces close by to our campus.  

Go for Green Business
This team showed campus wide commitment and brought together academic, admin and operations staff to work together to improve and green their campus.  They also championed the new recycling services that have been rolled out recently in their faculty.

Student Services Carmarthen
This team showed a huge commitment to Green Impact from the start and the whole team has been involved with promoting sustainability on campus. They went above and beyond their green impact criteria by holding their own activities such as plant swaps and taking part in the #BuySellSwap fair over Green Week!

School of Early Years
It was really inspiring to see the school wide commitment this team made to Green Impact. Sustainability is a core element of this school and they promote sustainable practices to their students, particularly through the John Muir award they manage!

This team champion sustainability on campus and not only take part in the Green Impact programme but run their own Sustainability Challenge as well!



Human Resources
The Human Resources department has shown a strong commitment to Green Impact and the challenges of working across campuses didn’t faze this team at all. It is obvious that Green Impact has become part of the way they work – from making their own reused paper notebooks and car sharing, to setting up fridge rotas to make sure they’re not wasting any food. 

Fine Art/Celf a Dylunio
This team has made really positive changes within their offices. They utilised their creativity and passion when implementing their Green Impact actions. But their efforts towards creating a sustainability University didn’t just stop at their offices, they’ve promoted sustainable practices to their students through a ground sourced clay project and a sculpture project that highlighted the importance of protecting our pollinators.

Corporate Communications & PR
This team have been really active in Green Impact this year and we are really proud to be able to award them Silver for all of their work. They have been really engaged in sustainability at UWTSD this year, particularly during Green Week and Fairtrade Fortnight. It has been inspiring to see the entire department has been involved with the programme and have implemented the actions in to their offices across our campuses.

Y Gofrestrfa - The Registry
We’re really pleased to be awarding Registry with a Silver award. It has been great to see the whole department taking part in the programme and how they had fun with the programme! The team has been doing the Everest Challenge, a challenge to climb the height of Mt. Everest on stairs, and created their office Christmas decorations from recycled materials!

CAADOC Caerfyrddin - SWWCTE Carmarthen
This team is committed to reducing their environmental impacts and it is great to see them sharing this commitment with their students through visits to the Botanical Gardens and encouraging their students to develop lesson plans around sustainability.



Sustainability Delivery Team
The Sustainability Delivery Team have implemented really positive changes at the University this year, including achieving Green Dragon Level 5 certification for the University and introducing a new waste management contract to improve our recycling rate.

Student Experience
The passion, determination and commitment we have seen from this team has been really inspiring. The whole Student Experience department has championed green impact. Sustainability is now embedded in the way they work and they’ve taken part in and supported many green initiatives at the University this year including the NUS Blackout, the Environment Society’s ‘Big Dig’ and they put bird boxes up around the campus to support biodiversity.

SWWCTE Townhill Campus
This team have shown a school wide commitment to Green Impact and we’ve been inspired by the work they have put in to the programme! They used their expertise and skills when completing the workbook criteria, and the recycled copper jewellery project run by two of their students Catrin Thomas and Lowri Davies was a fantastic initiative. 

Corporate Services
Corporate Services has shown a strong commitment to sustainability this year and we are so proud of them for maintaining their Gold award. They have continued to improve their environmental impacts through the workbook and it is great to see them set up their own initiatives including collecting their food waste to compost at home for their gardens.

Congratulations to INSPIRE who maintained their Gold award this year! This team has shown a strong commitment to sustainability since the beginning and it is inspiring to see them continually improving their environmental impacts and working to embed sustainability in to the heart of the University.


We also awarded anumber of Special Awards;

Environmental Hero Award: Awarded to Sarah Tombs who created bug sculptures for Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm to highlight the importance of pollinators.

Environmental Hero Award: to SOAC’s Gaynor Thomas for using her expertise to set up a new system for making assignment submissions paperless within their school

Student Leadership Award: Awarded to Catrin Thomas and Lowri Davies, PGCE Art & Design student for their recycled copper jewellery workshop

Innovation for Engagement: Awarded to Y Gofrestrfa / The Registry Team for their team workshop making Christmas decorations from recycled materials

Innovation for Engagement: Awarded to Gwenllian Beynon for her role as a mentor for Grow Wild Wales.

Student Leadership Award: To Simon Downes, School of Applied Computing for his work on the WOW model and Smart Lab.

Community Action Award: To Carol Watton in Townhill for her commitment to promoting Fairtrade and sustainability to her colleagues.

Congratulations to all of our Green Impact teams and thank you for the impact you have made this year!