Green Impact teams save 47.4 tonnes of CO2


Our Green Impact teams achieved some pretty amazing things this year.

A picture of the activities undertaken by Green Impact teams in 2016/17

From installing a wormery in a city centre office to encouraging their fellow colleagues to shut down their computers at the end of the day, to donating their used stamps to charity, the 650 actions they collectively implemented made our campuses greener and contributed to making UWTSD a more sustainable university.

The results are now in for the carbon emissions and cost savings they achieved!

Together our teams saved 47.4tonnes of carbon emissions and saved £14,377! This is a fantastic achievement that will have a positive effect on our campuses and our planet.

We all know that saving 47.4 tonnes of carbon is great for the environment, but what exactly does 47.4tonnes of CO2 look like?

Our teams saved the equivalent of; 

- 0.7% of the University’s overall Scope 1 & Scope 2 last year.
- The emissions of 202 computers being left on overnight needlessly for a year
- The carbon emissions created if an office left their lights on overnight needlessly for 17 years!
- The carbon emissions from driving around the world 6 times

47.4tonnes is also the same weight as; 

- 9 Asian Elephants 
- 4 Double Decker buses 
- 103,000 Rugby balls

Thank you to our teams for their amazing work! If you’d like to take part in Green Impact and help us make an even bigger saving next year, send an email to to get involved.