Promoting Video Conferencing at UWTSD


The University is dedicated to reducing our travel impact.  As part of our sustainable Travel Plan, we actively promote video conferencing in place of traveling to meetings to other campuses of UWTSD or outside of the University. Systems have been put in place throughout each campus to allow staff members to utilise this feature and we have been monitoring use throughout the year.

Video Conference Use University staff have made a total of 295 in-house video conference calls rather than traveling to meetings within the first six months of 2015.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been tracking our use of video conferencing and have found that we have made a total of 295 video conferencing calls within the first six month.  This has saved an enormous amount of travel and time amongst staff as they begin to choose this option more frequently.

We are pleased with this progress and we will continue to push this initiative forward.