Volunteers highlight energy wastage on campus.

Volunteers from across UWTSD produced a 10% energy saving at this Autumn's NUS Blackout. 

Blackout bilingual

Blackout is a national campaign, run by the NUS, taking place in universities all over the country. Volunteers work together to turn off all non-essential equipment (computers, lights, chargers, printers etc) that has been left on before the weekend. The energy use of that weekend is then compared to a ‘normal’ weekend and the savings calculated to show the difference that small changes to the way we work can have on our environmental impact.

Staff and students from UWTSD came together on Friday 18th November at the Swansea Business Campus to take part in this challenge to highlight and reduce our energy use.

Working throughout the building, volunteers found nearly 400 appliances left on. Turning these off produced an energy saving of 10% and revealed a potential annual saving of £900 and 98KgCO2e!

Fiona Wheatley, Sustainability Development Officer at UWTSD said, “Campaigns like Blackout are a great way of showing that small actions can make a big impact. Turning off your computer at the end of the day is a simple action that makes a huge difference to our environment and in turn produce cost savings and reduce our carbon footprint.”