Strategies and Policies

The University’s key strategies and policies related to sustainability are listed below.

We welcome feedback from our staff and students around the ongoing implementation and review of this initiative. Please email questions or comments to or contact your Sustainability Committee representative.

Environmental Policy

University of Wales Trinity Saint David recognises that environmental issues are fundamental to the future health and well-being of all those involved with our institution, the wider community and our planet. Thus the University is committed to providing a stimulating, progressive and sustainable environment of learning, including full consideration of social, economic and environmental impacts and opportunities. The University accepts its responsibility of demonstrating leadership in sustainability through innovation and enhancement of its actions as an institution at the local, regional and global levels, minimising our impacts and determining sustainable solutions to environmental concerns. In support of these principles the University has developed a robust Environmental Policy.

Biodiversity Policy

The Biodiversity Policy communicates University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s commitment to a sustainable approach to biodiversity, as an integral element of its activities. It demonstrates our commitment to continual improvement in environmental practices, and will form the basis of the development of a Biodiversity Action Plan. The Environmental Policy outlines our commitment to biodiversity – “Promote the protection of the natural environment by producing a biodiversity action plan with emphasis on the universities rural campuses for the start of the academic year 2015.”

The Biodiversity Action Plan is currently under development and will be published by September 2018. 

Carbon Management

University of Wales Trinity Saint David recognises that as a result of its activities there are associated greenhouse gas emissions from energy use, waste, procurement, travel and other services. The UK Climate Change Act (2008) commits the UK to an 80% reduction of carbon emissions on 1990 levels by 2050. As part of our overall goal of sustainable development, we are committed to continual improvement in the management and reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Our Carbon Management Update provides an update to our Carbon Management Plan. This document summarizes our progress towards our commitments and outlines our ongoing and planned projects as well as our strategy for continually reducing our carbon emissions.

Our Carbon Management Plan and Carbon Management Action Plan detail the actions and measures to achieve a minimum 3% reduction in carbon emissions each year. We use a baseline year of 2013, when Swansea Metropolitan University became part of UWTSD through a merger.

The Carbon Management Policy, which is currently pending an update following an internal discussion on budget for carbon reduction projects, provides foundation for the Carbon Management PlanCarbon Management Action Plan and associated Carbon Management Action Plan Appendix.

Ethical Investment Policy

University of Wales Trinity Saint David carefully considers the ethical, social, economic and environmental consequences of all of its investments and activities. Our key principles, and our commitment to implement and monitor an ethical decision-making process with regards to investments, are outlined in our Ethical Investment Policy. As stated in this policy, the University is committed to divesting from fossil fuel companies and will not knowingly undertake new investments in arms companies or corporations complicit in violation of international law. 
If you have any comments or any questions regarding our Ethical Invesment policy, please get in touch at 

Fairtrade Policy

The University and associated Students' Union understands the value of fair trade and commits to supporting those in local, national and international communities by using fairly traded products whenever possible. The policy outlines UWTSD and TSDU's commitments to Fairtrade and highlights the key 5 goals as outlined by the Fairtrade Foundation.

Sustainability Strategy

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David has already established a reputation both nationally and internationally as a leader in the higher education sector for sustainability.

We are committed to embedding sustainability as a core principle across all aspects of the University, including our curriculum, campus, community and culture. Our 2013-17 Sustainability Strategy outlines our key targets and our approach to achieving these.

We report annually on our progress towards the targets set out within the Sustainability Strategy, and set targets for the upcoming year, in our Environmental Statement and Sustainability Direction of Travel

Sustainable Food Policy

A Sustainable Food Strategy has been developed by University of Wales Trinity Saint David to reduce any negative environmental impacts of catering services at the University through committed actions established by the Catering Department. The policy applies to the University's catering outlets on the Swansea, Carmarthen and Lampeter campuses, and delivers sustainable hospitality through a range of commitments.

Waste Management Policy 

The Waste Management Policy communicates University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s commitment to a sustainable approach to waste management and disposal, as an integral element of its activities. It demonstrates our commitment to continual improvement in environmental practices. 

Sustainability Engagement Strategy

Our Sustainability Engagement Strategy sets out the action we are taking to embed sustainability at the heart of our university, students and staff.  We are committed creating a community of staff and students who are engaged with the University’s work on sustainability, are involved in helping the University reach the targets set within the University’s Sustainability Policies and are making positive contributions to their environment and community

Appendix A - Targets & Commitments
Appendix B - Enhancing the Student Experience
Appendix C - Risks & Mitigation
Appendix D - Communicating with Contractors

The strategy is supported by the Sustainability Engagement Action Plan  that details the activities that will deliver the targets and commitments made within our Engagement Strategy. 


A copy of all the above can be located on the University's Strategies and Policies page, or use the section headings above.

As outlined in the University's Academic Handbook, the development of the University's policies is steered by working groups comprising staff and Student Union representatives.

We welcome student and staff feedback on our existing policies and strategies. If you have any questions, or would like to get involved in driving our sustainability initiatives, please email us: