The University’s key strategies and policies related to sustainability are listed below.

UWTSD Strategic Plan 2017–23 and 2023–25

The strategic plan lists sustainable development as a key UWTSD value by behaving in a way that ensures that the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, and by systematically embedding this principle in our approach to teaching and learning. This is embedded into UWTSD strategic priorities and key performance indicators.


Sustainability Strategy and Policies

Our Sustainability Strategy helps us realise the concept of the ‘sustainable university’ making a powerful positive difference to our individual and collective futures.

The Sustainability and Environmental Strategy is signed off by Senior Directorate, Senior Directorate contains the highest level people in the University united in a regular meeting to approve and discuss matters or strategic importance, reporting is to the strategy monitoring group. There are explicit targets associated with the Sustainability & Environmental Strategy which are reviewed as part of the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard by the Sustainability Steering Group.

Environmental Policy Statement

University of Wales Trinity Saint David recognises that environmental issues are fundamental to the future health and well-being of all those involved with our institution, the wider community, and our planet. Thus the University is committed to providing a stimulating, progressive and sustainable environment of learning, including full consideration of social, economic and environmental impacts and opportunities. The University accepts its responsibility of demonstrating leadership in sustainability through innovation and enhancement of its actions as an institution at the local, regional and global levels, minimising our impacts and determining sustainable solutions to environmental concerns.

Biodiversity Action Plan

The Biodiversity Plan communicates the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s commitment to a sustainable approach to biodiversity, as an integral element of its activities. It demonstrates our commitment to continual improvement in environmental practices and will form the basis of the development of a Biodiversity Action Plan. The Environmental Policy outlines our commitment to biodiversity. The Biodiversity Policy and Biodiversity Action Plan are currently under review.

Carbon Management

University of Wales Trinity Saint David recognises that as a result of its activities there are associated greenhouse gas emissions from energy use, waste, procurement, travel, and other services. As part of our overall goal of sustainable development, we are committed to continual improvement in the management and reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions. Our Net Zero Carbon Interim Plan and associated action plan summarise our progress towards our commitments and outlines our ongoing and planned projects as well as our plan for continually reducing our carbon emissions.

This is an interim plan because it brings together the aims an ambitions of the last seven years and provides an opportunity to revisit the UWTSD carbon footprint and create a refreshed route map to Net Zero 2030, which we anticipate to be ready in 2024/25.

Ethical Investment Policy

University of Wales Trinity Saint David carefully considers the ethical, social, economic and environmental consequences of all of its investments and activities. Our key principles and our commitment to implement and monitor an ethical decision-making process with regards to investments are outlined in our Ethical Investment Policy. As stated, the University is committed to divesting from fossil fuel companies and will not knowingly undertake new investments in arms companies or corporations complicit in the violation of international law. More information can be found on the Finance Department's page.

Sustainable Food Plan

A Sustainable Food Plan has been developed by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David to reduce any negative environmental impacts of catering services at the University through committed actions established by the Catering Department and wider academic teams.

Waste and Water Management Plan

The Waste Management Plan communicates the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s commitment to a sustainable approach to waste and water management and disposal, as an integral element of its activities. It demonstrates our commitment to continual improvement in environmental practices.

Sustainability Engagement Plan

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David has the opportunity through students, staff and stakeholders to make a real impact through people and resources to help the drive to Net Zero, increase awareness, develop habitats and ensure environmental matters are considered in everything we do. The Sustainability Team have developed a plan of engagement to maximise the opportunities for involvement across our students, staff and stakeholders. As part of Research in Education, some exciting work has also taken place in engaging in sustainable communities and wellbeing.

Sustainable Travel Plan

The Sustainable Travel plan uses the travel and transport hierarchy to actively reduce business travel and encourage staff, students and other service users to choose sustainable travel options.