UWTSD Sustainability Pledge

energy savers

By personally committing to these simple actions, you are joining a greater network of those determined to create a positive change in the UWTSD community, in Wales, and for the planet.

Need some ideas?

Tyra - "I will always offer others a lift to the same place I am driving."

Elin - "Once a week I will get the train to uni."

John - "I undertake to be as environmentally friendly as possible in the future."

Fiona - "I pledge to walk to work more often (when it is not raining!)"

Annie - "To be more aware of the environment and reduce the negative impacts I create."

Ryan - "I pledge to use the recyclable cup."

Alana - "I pledge to give up plastic! Or at least lower my plastic consumption as much as possible."

Rebeca - "I will switch off lights when im not in the room."

Reena - "I will discuss these type of issues with someone weekly to raise awareness."

Hannah - "I pledge to have shorter showers to save water."

Daniel - "I pledge to walk to the shops instead of driving."

Jade - "I pledge to shower for less amount of time to save water."

Joe - "I pledge to use my new reusable mug whenever I buy a coffee/tea."

Amy - "Not use wrapping paper this Christmas!"

Joshua - "Use public transport instead of driving."

Rowan - "I pledge to try harder to turn off non essential appliances."

Leif - "I pledge to encourage others to be more environmently friendly."