All staff and students with a University IT account have access to a network share and an email account.

There are currently three types of accounts available:

  • Staff
  • Student
  • Associate, for example Honourary Fellows

Staff and students can also access various additional UWTSD systems and associated facilities depending on their role.

Associate account holders do not have access to all University systems. A limited number of systems and facilities may be requested for use by temporary staff, students and visitors, depending on their role.

Staff IT accounts (other than for 'casual' staff) are created for all members of staff once the Staff induction has taken place and a "Network Access form" has been completed. Accounts are only created following confirmation from HR in the form of a Service Desk ticket. Please be aware Information Technology & Systems will only setup accounts requested by HR.

Once the account is created HR will be informed along with the logon details for the new member of staff.

Staff have an IT account for as long as they are employed by the University. This will be disabled on their official leave date. All data and emails stored in related accounts are the responsibility of the user to backup before leaving. Please refer to the UWTSD Acceptable Use Policy for further information.

A University student IT account will be created once a Student completes the online enrolent creation process. Please follow our guide on how to complete online enrolment.

Once Students have completed enrolment (be it via post, online or in person) they will receive a confirmation of enrolment email to their specified personal email address with details of their username and their password.

If there are any problems with the process please contact the Service Desk via 

These accounts are valid for as long as the student is continuing their studies at the University and are disabled three months after their official leave date in the University’s student record system.

All data and emails related to these accounts are the responsibility of the Student to backup before leaving.

Associate access can be applied for on behalf of those requesting access to the University's IT services who are not registered in the HR System (excluding 'casual' staff) or the Students Record System.

As an Associate you will need to apply for an account, for details of how to obtain a guest account please contact IT Service Desk

The Associate application process will enable you to access a limited number of services based on your needs and your associated role within the University.

If you have any problems accessing services or questions about IT accounts please contact the IT Service Desk on extension 5055 (externally 0300 500 5055)