Information about the University's network services including:

  • The Campus network
  • The Wireless network
  • Management of data points
  • Fault reporting

The Campus network

The University network provides access to PC services, including Microsoft Outlook and the internet through fixed and wireless access points.

The University is connected to the JANET network which is able to offer a fast, reliable and effective network. For more information on the JANET network please visit here.

The campus network is also available in Student Halls both through Wireless connections.

Wireless network

The wireless network "eduroam" is available for all staff and students at the University across all campuses. UWTSD also offer a guest wifi network. For more information on how to connect to eduroam or our guest network visit our wireless page.

Management of data points

As the number of data points on the University network keeps increasing so does the amount of bandwidth needed.

Data points that are not being used will usually be disconnected. Therefore it is safe to assume that an unused data point will not work if plugging in a new device. If Staff wish to utilise a spare data point please contact the IT Service Desk quoting the point number (usually above the data point) to request it being made live.


Physical faults with data points (for example a broken face plate) on the University network (including Halls) as well as connection problems should be reported to the IT Service Desk.

When reporting faults with data points please include as much information as possible including room number, building name and point number.