Ordering a mobile phone

To request a new mobile phone please log a Service Desk call stating your requirements. Information Technology & Systems reserves the right to refuse new requests if it does not meet the business requirements. Any new purchases will be paid for by Information Technology & Systems and phones will be added to the Universities Vodafone contract.

Currently Information Technology & Systems recommend the use of the following Mobile Phones only

  • Apple iPhone
  • HTC Android
  • Nokia Lumia


All University mobiles are supplied with the Vodafone voicemail service switched on.

Please ensure that you personalise your voicemail box and set a security code.

Using your mobile abroad

You can use all University mobile phones abroad. If you do not need this service it can be turned off. Please be aware that increased call costs will be applicable and that Staff are reminded of their responsibility in using Mobile phones abroad and costs incurred.

To check the usage charges while using your phone abroad, please click here and enter the name of the Country you are travelling to.

Faulty handsets

If you have a fault regarding your University mobile phone then please contact the IT Service Desk. If the fault cannot be fixed then the IT Service Desk will contact Vodafone to confirm if the device is under warranty.

The replacement/repair procedure for a University mobile depends on the age of the phone and the fault:

  • If the phone is less than two years old and has suffered from a manufacturing-type defect, it will either be repaired or replaced by Vodafone.
  • If the phone is more than two years old, it can be replaced on a maintenance exchange basis or upgraded to a newer model. Upgrading to a new model will incur extra costs and so this needs to be agreed with Information Technology & Systems
  • If the phone has been accidentally damaged (dropped, water ingress etc) then usually regardless of age EE (Orange) will not undertake repairs and so any repairs (or replacement phones) will be charged back to the Unit/School to which it is allocated.

Phone security

We recommend that you set up a personal identification number (PIN) on your mobile. Activating the PIN will significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised use. Information about setting a PIN is available in your phone's manual. When setting a PIN, ensure that it is not left at the default i.e. 0000.

Handset Ownership

Any handset provided remains the property of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. When mobiles/SIM Cards are no longer needed as a result of an upgrade or contract termination, they must be returned to Information Technology & Systems, Mount Pleasant Campus, Swansea, SA1 6ED.

Information Technology & Systems must be notified of any spare handsets held by Schools.

Lost, Stolen and Damaged

If you lose your mobile phone, or suspect that it has been stolen, you should get the phone barred as soon as possible.

To get the SIM blocked, contact Vodafone on 0333 304 6464 (when in the UK) or +44 7836 191 191 (while overseas) – 24/7. You will need to provide your mobile number.

Alternatively, you can report the loss to the IT Service Desk during office hours who can also arrange to bar the phone.

To arrange for a replacement phone – or to have a bar lifted if you find your mobile – please contact the IT Service Desk. Please note that if the phone is stolen you must ensure that this is also reported to the Police and when contacting the IT Service Desk, a Police crime reference number is confirmed. Replacement phones will not be provided without this number. 

Damaged Mobile Phones - the mobile phone provided to you by IT&S is ultimately your responsibility. Any accidental damage or if lost will normally mean your Unit/School is responsible for any repair/replacement costs so please ensure due care and attention is given to looking after your University mobile phone.