Whether you’re graduating this summer or returning in the autumn, here is some helpful information about your IT account and registration.

Graduating this Summer?

Information for students leaving the University this summer.

Your IT account

You will be able to access your University account for 90 days after you finish your course. After that, it will be disabled. To make sure you’re not caught out, check that you’re prepared:

  • Forward any important emails to your personal account
  • If you signed up for Facebook or another external site with your University email, add another address to your profile to make sure you continue to receive all your alerts and reminders

Setting up an automatic email response

You can set up an automatic response on your Office 365 account to advise people who mail you that your account will close down. This will last until your account is deleted:

  • On the menu bar at the top right corner click the Cog icon then click Options
  • On the right hand side select Out of Office Assistant
  • Select the option on the right Set up and automatic reply message
  • Click the check box Send automatic replies then type your message in the top box
  • If you have e-mail contacts external to the University, tick the Send automatic reply messages to senders outside my organisation box, choose Send replies to all external senders and enter an appropriate message for your external contacts in the bottom box
  • Click the Save icon at the bottom of the screen

Your files

Network Documents

Transfer files from your U: drive to a computer outside the University by:

  • Copying them to USB flash drive or CD
  • Emailing files as attachments from your University email account to your personal email account

Office 365 OneDrive Documents

Transfer files from your Office 365 account to another account:

  • Manually saving them from your Office 365 account to a PC and uploading them to another account with Office 365 access
  • Alternatively save the files to a PC/USB Flash drive/CD for storage


Returning in the autumn?

Information for students returning to the University this autumn.

Your IT account

University account passwords can sometimes be tricky to remember over the summer break and if you can’t remember it you could lose access to some of our key services. If you require assistance please visit the contact us section for details of how to get in touch and we can reset your password for you.

Your Student Card

If you lose your Student Card over the summer, please contact your local IT Service Desk for a replacement card.

Software for new term

With the Microsoft Ultimate Steal promotion UWTSD students can buy Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access) and an upgrade version of Windows 7 at a discounted rate for PC or Mac.