Information Technology & Systems offers support of several platforms in the University, recognising the diverse needs of the user community on both desktops and laptops.

Having a list of standards will help in the setup and compatibility with other systems and applications and the ongoing support requirements.

The following ideal standards are being promoted by Information Services in the use of desktops and laptops. These are subject to change as we continue to meet the diverse needs of the University.



Operating System Windows 7 SP1 MacOSX 10.4.x or greater
Web Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 Mozilla Firefox 3
Office Productivity Microsoft Office 2010 Enterprise Edition Microsoft Office for Mac 2008
Email client / calendaring Microsoft Outlook 2010 (included in Office) Microsoft Entourage 2008 (included in Office)
Workstation anti-virus Endpoint Protection 2012 Endpoint Protection 2012
PDF viewer Adobe Reader XI Adobe Reader 9
PDF creation Office 2010 Built in (as part of the printing system)
DVD writing Built in Windows Software Built in (as part of the Finder)