‌The University is developing a number of programmes to reduce the environmental impact of our IT use. We also work closely with the INSPIRE Project to help create a sustainable future.

Green IT initiatives

Green IT initiatives at the University include:

  • The introduction of SCCM as a power management system across all University PCs (including libraries and computer rooms). This means that University PCs shut down after a defined period of inactivity, reducing their energy usage
  • The UWTSD capital computer replacement programme has been extended from a three year to a five year cycle. Computers replaced under this scheme are used in Schools to further extend their lifespan
  • Information Services’ procurement strategy which ensures that suppliers provide low power demand equipment and that they reduce and recycling of all waste packaging
  • Allowing more access for staff who are working from home via Citrix and other services.
  • Printers and photocopiers across campuses will be replaced by energy efficient multi-function devices (MFDs). Default printing is set to print double-sided to save paper
  • Virtualising of a number of physical servers into a single SAN infrastructure to reduce power consumption
  • Server room refurbishments to provide more efficient air cooling and temperature control
  • iPads for meetings rather than using printed copies for attendees

Top Tips

Switch off

  • Set your computer to go to sleep automatically when you are not using it
  • Turn off your PC and monitor when you leave
  • Use intelligent extension sockets, which automatically switch off everything when you switch off your PC
  • Find other ways of working without leaving your PC on overnight and at weekends

Reduce printing

  • Avoid printing and photocopying by posting electronic copies of employee manuals, safety documents and other shared material
  • Get rid of your personal printer before it is eventually removed as other better options (MFDs) are available for staff
  • Print on both sides of the paper (duplex) and in greyscale when possible
  • Recycle old documents or reusing them for faxes, scrap paper, or drafts

Be energy efficient

  • Save energy by using laptops instead of desktop PCs. A laptop, docking station and 22" monitor uses around 25W less when being actively used, and 5W less when inactive, than a PC and 22" monitor.
  • Only one device for each member of staff
  • Use of power efficient computers and monitors
  • Use the excellent video conferencing facilities and Lync to reduce the need to travel