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Overview of Training

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) are providing Welsh Government supported sector specific training to enable those who work with children and young people to have the knowledge and understanding required to ensure that the principles of the UNCRC are integrated into their practices. 

Participation in the training will provide the following:

  • An increased awareness of the UNCRC and children’s rights in Wales.
  • An increased understanding of how your sector can impact on children’s rights
  • To enable these sectors to realise their importance in enabling children and young people to access their rights and
  • An opportunity to utilise the training to share and embed awareness, understanding and enable impact of UNCRC and Children’s rights within own workforce context.

The training will be participatory and reflective; it will engage a range of resources including multimedia to encourage debate and discussion around the principles of the UNCRC and how they can be embedded into practice to enable children and young people to access their rights.

How much will the Training cost?

The training is fully supported by the Welsh Government  

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