Ecology Pathway

Studying a Pathway at UWTSD

For those who have an interest in the environment and ecology, and wish to have a greater understanding of environmental systems, you can study an Ecology pathway alongside certain Single Honours degree programmes.

On an Ecology Pathway, students are able to explore the various scientific and philosophical approaches to understanding our place in the natural world.

Students following the Ecology Pathway will study 2 modules of Ecology each year and 4 modules in the other chosen humanities subject. 

The pathway option is ideal for students who are particularly interested in working within a certain sector and would like to expand their knowledge and skill set. In a world where the job market is increasingly competitive, providing an ecological approach to a student’s degree gives students the confidence and edge over other graduates trying for similar job roles. 

How do I apply for a Pathway? 

To apply, students will need to apply via UCAS through their main subject area.

For example:
If you want to study Philosophy and Ecology, you will apply on UCAS for BA Philosophy.

After the application process, you can opt for the Ecology Pathway alongside BA Philosophy. 

What main subjects can I study in the Ecology Pathway? 

Students can study Ecology with the following subjects:

Creative Writing
Medieval Studies
Modern History
Religious Studies