Sampling an early medieval logboat in the Radnorshire Museum (felling date range of AD 1192-1228)

The dendrochronology laboratory at Lampeter has been active for more than a decade under the directorship of Professor Nigel Nayling, providing, in addition to a teaching and research resource within the School, a contract service to a wide range of external clients.

The laboratory has a strong track record in ring-width analysis focused on tree-ring dating and provenance of oak structures and objects. Laboratory techniques employed follow best practice as advocated by English Heritage guidelines for dendrochronology and waterlogged wood.

Services provided

  • Historic buildings, whether timber-framed or retaining original roof trusses, can be accurately dated through a programme of on-site assessment and sampling followed by laboratory-based analysis. Reports can be produced to the client's specification, whether as part of the planning process or for integration within broader historic projects.
  • A comprehensive service is available for the analysis of archaeological wood assemblages from wetland and underwater excavations including tree-ring dating and analysis, species identification, technological studies, archive and publication illustration. Fully integrated archive and publication reports can be supplied in a wide range of formats to meet client requirements.
  • Ancient woodlands are also amenable to tree-ring analysis with sampling of living trees providing data on forest dynamics, age structure and climatic response. Similarly, trees within historic gardens and parks can be analysed to clarify the date of formal plantings.

For further information/advice or quotation in relation to these services, please contact:

Professor Nigel Nayling
Tel: +44(0)1570 424904