Estuarine, Coastal and Shallow Marine Environments

Trenching in the intertidal zone: the Earnley Channel, West Sussex

Archaeological investigation of these zones is a specialised field in archaeology requiring specialist expertise and unusual approaches to investigation.

UWLAS staff are experienced in work in these often hostile zones either leading or as part of multi-disciplinary teams investigating a range of situations in which archaeological material may occur. These range from diving on wreck sites as part of survey/excavation and remote study of wreck sites as part of archaeological management studies to the investigation of buried Prehistoric landscapes of Holocene or earlier date.

Services provided

  • Desk-top evaluations of buried and submerged landscapes
  • Project management
  • Development of project designs, post-excavation assessments and research designs with particular expertise on wrecks and ships
  • Recovery of ship/boat finds, including dismantling, lifting, packaging and transportation
  • On-site specialist support: specialist advice, staff training, in situ recording and sampling
  • Production of specialist archive and publication reports
  • On-site advice on sequence development and sampling
  • Palaeoenvironmental analysis
  • Borehole surveys
  • Geophysical surveys and geotechnical investigations

For further information/advice or quotation in relation to these services, please contact:

Dr Martin Bates
Tel: +44(0)1570 424908

Professor Nigel Nayling
Tel: +44(0)1570 424904