Digital elevation model (DEM) of the upper Teifi Valley derived from 2m LiDAR data

GIS and survey work is carried out under the direction of  who has worked particularly as a field and landscape archaeologist providing a range of digital mapping and landscape survey services, project design and report production to Cadw, OREIN and other projects.

Services provided

  • Landscape survey: Topographic landscape survey and interpretation of sites, monuments and earthworks using total station, differential GPS and other remote sensing data such as aerial and LiDAR
  • Walkover survey: Assessment, record and interpretation, especially upland landscapes using GPS, DGPS and near-surface geophysical survey
  • Spatial analysis:
    • The creation of digital surface and terrain models (DSMs and DTMs) from topographical data including LiDAR processing and analysis
    • Landscape characterisation using primary, secondary and field sources
  • GIS consultancy and advice: Archaeological project design, post excavation assessment and specialist archive and publication
  • Archaeological GIS training: Practice-led, applied, field and lab training for archaeologists requiring GIS capability
  • Digitisation: Creating digital resources from historical and other primary sources

For further information/advice or quotation in relation to these services, please contact:

Tel: +44(0)1570 424737