Nautical / Underwater Archaeology

Sampling a lifted section of the Elizabethan Princes Channel Wreck for dendrochronological dating

Based on his extensive experience in the excavation, recovery, post-excavation analysis and publication of boat and ship finds, Professor Nigel Nayling offers a range of specialist services relating to nautical assemblages.

As an HSE-qualified diver (Surface Supplied and SCUBA), these services can be offered on both terrestrial and underwater sites.

Services provided

  • Development of project designs, post-excavation assessments and research designs
  • On-site specialist support: specialist advice, staff training, in situ recording and sampling
  • Recovery, including dismantling, lifting, packaging and transportation, of ship/boat finds
  • Design and execution of post-excavation programmes of analysis and documentation
  • Production of specialist archive and publication reports

For further information/advice or quotation in relation to these services, please contact:

Professor Nigel Nayling
Tel: +44(0)1570 424904