Sampling waterlogged peat deposits at Borth, west Wales, for plant macrofossil and pollen analysis, (photo: Sue Hurst)

Plant macrofossil analysis is undertaken by Kate Griffiths, who has over 20 years’ experience of plant macrofossil work on samples from waterlogged deposits and on charred plant remains from dry land sites for Cadw (as Assistant Environmental Archaeologist to Ms Astrid Caseldine) and a wide range of other clients.

Services provided

  • Sample preparation (flotation, sieving etc.)*
  • Sample assessment and reporting*
  • Charcoal identification
  • Wood identification
  • Preparation of samples for 14C dating

* These are also offered as ‘stand-alone’ services (i.e. we can prepare samples for clients to interpret and undertake assessment work on samples supplied by clients)

For further information/advice in relation to these services, please contact:

Professor Nigel Nayling
Tel: +44(0)1570 424904