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The University provides a number of dedicated and mobile videoconferencing suites. Videoconferencing systems are very easy to use and provide an excellent means to conduct meetings between different campus locations.

Videoconferencing can be used for a variety or purpuses and help reduce travelling, hence being sustainable and reducing cost to the University.

Booking Process

To book a videoconference:

  1. Ensure that you book the required rooms, as detailed below, using the relevant room booking contact details.
  2. Create an IT Service Desk Ticket and provide the required details by visiting https://webhelp.uwtsd.ac.uk and select the request type "Video Conferencing", "Booking Request"


Join using Teams or Skype for Business

Did you know you can join a booked Video Conference from your laptop, computer or mobile device using Teams or Skype for Business. Simply inform the IT Service desk of the email addresses of the participants that wish to join via Teams or Skype for Business when booking your conference and we will send them joining instructions.

  1. Ensure that the email addresses of the participants wishing to join via Teams or Skype for Business are provided when the conference is booked. Don't worry, you can always provide the email address at a later date if needed.
  2. The participants will receive an email with joining instructions
    • Copy the Skype for Business address from the email received (don't click the Skype for Business address in the email as this won't join you to the conference)
    • Paste the address into the search bar in your Teams or Skype for Business client
    • Either right click and select call -> Skype Call, or double clickthe address you pasted


Videoconferencing facilities are available at the following locations:

Lampeter Campus
BuildingRoomCapacityRoom Booking Contact
Canterbury Canterbury Boardroom 1 - 9 01570 422351
Old Building Old Boardroom 5 - 20 01570 422351
Old Building VC2 1 - 9 01570 422351
Old Building Cockerell Room 1 - 6 01570 422351
Carmarthen Campus
BuildingRoomCapacityRoom Booking Contact
Carwyn James CJ7 4 - 20 IT Service Desk (Ticket)
Dewi Dewi Council Chamber 5 - 20 e.nicholls@uwtsd.ac.uk
Dewi BR Rooms 1 - 12 Reception 01267 676767
Yr Atom Angharad Harding 1 - 20 01267 145131
Swansea Campus
BuildingRoomCapacityRoom Booking Contact
Alex Road Mobile Unit Mobile 01792 144066
Technium 1 Weavers Meeting Room 4 - 5 01792 485515
Technium 2 Conference Room 5 - 20 01792 485500
Business Campus Kath Thomas Boardroom 5 - 20 01792 481124
Business Campus Mobile Mobile Unit Mobile Celcat or 01792 481124
Llys Glas Mobile Unit 4 - 6 01792 144066
Dylan Thomas Centre Carter Room 5 - 6 Ceri Hadler 01792 142103
Cardiff Campus (UoW)
BuildingRoomCapacityRoom Booking Contact
Registry Building Conference Room 4 - 20 029 2037 6999
London Campus (Oval)
BuildingRoomCapacityRoom Booking Contact
Winchester House Boardroom 1 - 20 y.ernest@uwtsd.ac.uk


Video Conferencing User Guides