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Film & TV (BA) Online Sessions


Film and TV (BA) would like to invite you to our upcoming taster mini-lectures.

If you’re interested in film, art, literature or discovering how to design a strong narrative, these upcoming sessions could be right up your street.

Each session lasts one hour and will be held online via Microsoft Teams.

It’s your chance to ask questions, meet the teaching team and get a good understanding of what it means to work in the ever-changing creative industry. The sessions are informal and friendly, and there’s also the chance to test your skills with a few online activities. We’d love to meet you, so please register for any of the sessions below.

If you are a teacher/lecturer with a group booking and would like to arrange a bespoke session please contact

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A warning to the curious – M. R. James and the archaeology of the uncanny

15th November 17:00-18:00
This taster session explores the world of M R James ghost stories and their obsession with buried treasures. The practical element of the session provides an opportunity through writing and visualisation exercises to explore the concept of the uncanny and the excavation of the human psyche that can lead to creative encounters with forbidden things, potentially inviting retribution for our protagonists.

Can an editor capture the exhilarating rush of falling in love?

22nd November 17:00-18:00
To become an effective editor, you need more than technical ‘know-how’, you need storytelling knowledge. You will apply the same understanding one needs to write a story to that of a visual edit in this session. Rather than selecting words to form a sentence, you will select images to form a scene. As a visual storyteller you will explore how the edit can act as visual punctuation and enable you to harness the emotional power of storytelling.

Are you fluent in visual language?

7th December 17:00-18:00
What can the world of classic art tell us about narrative expression and the cinematic image. This session will provide you with analytical skills that will feed directly into your visual storytelling as a cinematographer. This session can be described as art history for filmmakers, with the core aim of enabling you to research and design your creative visions effectively.

Cinema of solitude – what does the contemporary self want?

17th January 17:00-18:00
At the heart of a good story there is character – in fact some would say that a great story is always about character and the complexities and intimacies of the human condition that it reveals within the context of the stories we tell. By examining notions of the self, silence and solitude this taster session poses a series of questions such as ‘what is the difference between ‘aloneness and loneliness?’ or ‘what does it mean to be human?’ – and through a series of short practical exercises how these states of being can be creatively expressed through the cinematic image.