New Postgraduate provision in Art and Design

Catrin Webster and Paul Jeff

1University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Swansea, Dynevor Campus, Swansea, SA1 6ED;

2University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Swansea, Dynevor Campus, Swansea, SA1 6ED;

23rd March 2016

This presentation will detail the process and innovative pedagogical nature of the new interdisciplinary Masters platform produced by Swansea College of Art (Faculty of Art & Design), University of Wales Trinity Saint David. The new design retains the name MA (pathway) – Contemporary Dialogues, but expands radically upon the trans-disciplinary nature of the programme encompassing nine different medium specific pathways into a multi-perspectival course across three semesters, full-time study. These pathways include a wide range of disciplines across the categories of Art and Design from Fine Art to Automotive Design, and the programme will focus on differing ways of producing and nurturing creativity, with special focus on experimentation, and the creative act as something that thrives in a collaborative environment to best foster innovation. This expansive programme will concentrate on producing a ‘hot-house’ environment for students to create dialogues that bridge the disciplines, engaging them first in a series of group ‘thought experiments’ designed to foster experiment and potential new discourses. This introduces the notion of the performative classroom to postgraduate provision so that the programme becomes a place where learning and teaching is actively performed rather than necessarily just delivered. The pedagogic ambience will create an all inclusive creative arena, enabling students the licence to experiment and take risks collaboratively in the service of a broad creativity that filters back into their disciplines.