Student engagement in collaborative provision

Rhys Pary

University of Wales, University Registry, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3NS;

23rd March 2016


It is widely accepted within the UK higher education sector that the concept of Student engagement plays an influential role in assuring and enhancing the quality of the educational experience. With Degree Awarding Bodies taking ultimate responsibility for safeguarding the academic standards and the quality of learning opportunities, irrespective of where programmes of study are delivered or who provides them [QAAQCHE Chapter B10], is there a greater importance on student engagement when working with others? The University of Wales has a history of validating programmes of study at higher education institutions both within the UK and internationally. In this symposium we will establish the different forms of validation, and consider the challenges of delivering effective student engagement within such models. The University will also provide some examples of its student engagement processes, and will share some of the difficulties for a Degree Awarding Body in defining student engagement and developing a single approach.