Student researchers? Handing lectures over to students and the efficacy of 'learning with'

Luci Attalla

University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter Campus, Ceredigion, SA48 7ED;

23rd March 2016


To support undergraduates in the Humanities to take more responsibility for the part they play in shaping the material world and to think about sustainability in novel ways, I developed a suite of modules that are structured around student-led, hands-on collaborative activities with a range of planetary resources.

The modules reject the traditional passive didactic lecture structure in favour of interactive and experiential approaches so as to support students to enter the research community and think through ideas with materials and each other. The courses are very loosely structured, comprising of a flexible, responsive mix of workshops, student-delivered lectures, personal and group projects, scrap books, doodles, discussion, visual arts and debate.

This paper feeds back on the experience of allowing students to deliver lectures and take on the identity ‘researcher’ during undergraduate studies.