Vipassana: Cultivating awareness of being through process and practice-led methodologies

Kathryn Lawson-Hughes

University of Wales Trinity Saint David;

24th  March 2016        


This paper and presentation will explore the dynamic potentials that developing mindfulness or Vipassana (‘to see things as they really are’), through practice and process-led approaches to learning and research methodology, can have on subjective wellbeing, to cultivate an increased quality of cognitive and creative output. The act of doing through practice, of thinking through physical process and materiality becomes, through practicing awareness of being, a holistic, bodily experiential process, that dissolves a dualistic way of thinking the body (the residues of the dogmatic Cartesian ideology of a mind and body split, that are still interlaced within our socio-cultural fabric).

As Eastern practices that cultivate wellbeing increasingly become integrated into our Western socio-cultural fabric, in the forms of meditation, yoga practice and mindfulness, this paper will assert the essential role such practices have in their potential to be interweaved into the social fabric within a pedagogical contextual framework, thus cultivating a healthier ecology of individual subjective self to other, as interdependent constituent elements of being.