Archeology of the Dead and how to bury yourself properly: Enriching the archaeology syllabus

Ros Coard

University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter Campus, Ceredigion, SA48 7ED;

5th May 2017


This session explores how we introduce students to the archaeology of death. As past people, those long dead, are the very subject of archaeological investigation it is often assumed that we deal mostly with material remains and cultural remains. However, a central driving theme that we endeavor to get students to understand is that he dead tell us more about the living than they do the dead. Just how do the dead tell tales, and what do they reveal? Engaging with death, including burring fellow students and a whole day spent in a grave yard, introduces student to some of the very complex questions about death and potentially about even more complex emotions. Given our subject matter is about the dead just how do we engage students in this difficult to deal with, and unavoidable emotional subject matter.