Abstracts 2nd May 2018: Vivian Hall

Resisting the Body: Lessons in Embodied Self-Care

Post-digital Health Practices: Embodied Enquiries

Partnership working with Higher Education, Participatory Arts and the Health and

Encounters, Uncertainty and the Art of Engagement: A Practice-based approach

The Super Prof Doc Project

Supporting research in public services

The knowledge generated by practice-based postgraduate research

Beware the Slipperiness of Cognitivism: The Concise Case for Doctoral Research through Practices in the Visual Arts

Abstracts the 2nd May 2018: Lecture Theatre

Co-creating, Co-learning and Co-shaping the 21st century MBA: Integrating western management with eastern philosophy

Business Schools, fit for purpose?

What are the real and perceived obstacles to starting up a lifestyle business?

The Difference between Leader Development and Leadership Development

Is Holistic business approach the new strategy for business sustainability?

Abstracts 3rd May 2018: Vivian Hall

Does this mean we’re engaged?: redesigning teaching sessions to promote group learning in adult learners

ICT-aided Facilitation Impact on Teaching Process Dynamics

“When your friends are your competitors”

Internet of Things (IoT) Pods for Work Based Learning

InfoSkills at UWTSD: The library’s role in teaching and learning

Knowledge acquisition through positive educator/scholar cooperation

The dangers of cliché and rigid adoption of models: Teaching intergenerational classes in higher education

Student perception of using screencast as an alternative media

Sustainable Development and the Well-being of Future Generations

Abstracts the 3rd May 2018: Lecture Theatre

The Cerdd Iaith project and disrupting the norm in language acquisition

Perspectives on the reform of Additional Learning Needs (ALN) in Wales

Application of Big Data and Learning Analytics in Higher Education

What works? The Role of Higher Education in Recidivism

Design and Evaluation of Modulation Techniques

Poetic Pathways: Teaching Poetry in Prisons

Abstracts 4th May 2018: Vivian Hall

Student Success, Employability and Enterprise-synergies and Institutional Approa

The EntreComp Framework and Education in Wales

EntreComp in Action

EntreComp for Teachers

Creagog: Creative Pedagogies for Employability

QAA Enterprise Education Guidance for UK HE Providers 2018

Evolution of Life Design

Entrepreneurship education is it needed? Confessions of an enterprise teaching addict