Wappar Team

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Wales Academy of Professional Practice and Applied Research

Ann Beaumont WAPPAR Administrative Officer a.beaumont@uwtsd.ac.uk
Julie Crossman Lecturer in WBL Julie.Crossman@uwtsd.ac.uk
Steve Darnell Lecturer in WBL s.darnell@uwtsd.ac.uk 
Lynsey Edwards Executive Project Officer  lynsey.edwards@uwtsd.ac.uk 
Lowri Harris Senior Lecturer in WBL l.m.harris@uwtsd.ac.uk
Sarah Loxdale Lecturer in WBL  s.loxdale@uwtsd.ac.uk  
Gary Metcalfe Lecturer in WBL (Lead on Accreditation) g.metcalfe@uwtsd.ac.uk 
Professor Stephen Palmer Professor of Practice stephen.palmer@uwtsd.ac.uk  

Workforce Development Fellows (Active):

Anthony Gwyther