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Welcome to our Final Year Project Exhibition page. Students from Computing, Technology, Construction, the Environment and Engineering present their undergraduate research at an annual exhibition at the end of their course.

The End of Year event showcases the project work undertaken by the students within the faculty. The event provides an excellent opportunity for our students to present their work to industrial experts and get valuable feedback. This event is a celebration, celebration not in the sense of graduation but in the true sense of technical achievement. What we are seeing in these displays are the engine house of our students work. I’m extremely proud of our students and their work. Conversing with them you can see the experience they gained in doing this major project, the lessons they learned along the way. For me, that’s the key, it is that ability to reflect on your practice and confident to talk to the experts, that characterises an UWTSD graduate, and that’s why this event is Special.

Dean of the Faculty Professor Michael Fernando

Professor Michael Fernando

Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Engineering (FACE)

The Faculty were delighted to welcome partners and collaborators from industry who had sponsored some of the awards given to the students. These included The South Wales Institute of Engineers Educational Trust (SWIEET), Circle IT, and the Institute of Engineering and Technology. The Faculty were also delighted to welcome guests from Calsonic Kansei, BAW Automation, TATA Steel, Trehearne Engineering, TEAM Precision, the Chartered Institute of Building, Morganstone, TRJ, and Construction Wales Innovation Centre.

The Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Engineering (FACE) is a multidisciplinary, STEM-based faculty based in Swansea. It covers architecture, automotive and motorsport engineering, construction, computing, electronics, environmental management, logistics, mechanical and manufacturing engineering.

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