Future courses

Our core modules are: 

Our full list of modules can found on our courses page. 

Here is a list of dates for our courses:

April 2019
4th - Learning Plan (Day 2)
17th - Work-based Learning Project
29th - Coaching and Mentoring (Day 1)
30th - Coaching and Mentoring (Day 2)

May 2019
2nd - Learning Plan (Day 3)

June 2019
3rd - Coaching and Mentoring (Day 3)
4th - Coaching and Mentoring (Day 4)

July 2019
11th - Recognition and Accreditation of Learning (RAL) (Day 3)
29th - Learning Plan (Day 1)

August 2019
27th - Learning Plan (Day 2)

September 2019
23rd - Learning Plan (Day 3)


Please note that each learner is fully supported by a personal tutor and these can be arranged ad-hoc between the learner and the tutor. 

If you are interested in any other modules, please contact wbl@uwtsd.ac.uk to register your interest and to arrange a discussion about the possibilities.