Welcome to the School of Classics!

Classics Students

We offer a range of undergraduate degree schemes covering all aspects of Greco-Roman antiquity. We also offer a broad range of part- and full-time postgraduate degrees and certificates available both residentially and at a distance.

The standard of teaching in the School, always a noted strength, has been deemed excellent in the 2013 NSS with 93% of students satisfied with explanations given by staff and 86% satisfied with the teaching overall. 

We pride ourselves on our lecturer-student relations. This ensures detailed guidance about courses throughout your stay here. We all love the ancient world, and we hope that our enthusiasm for antiquity will provide you with the basis for a life-long interest in the ancient world.

We have a thriving undergraduate student body of all ages and backgrounds, undertaking a range of single honours degree courses, that include Classics, Ancient History, Classical Studies, Ancient History and Archaeology, and  Ancient and Medieval History. We offer a variety of joint honours degrees with Philosophy, Archaeology, Medieval Studies, History, English, and Education.

Our post-graduate degrees cover all aspects of the ancient world and are available both residentially and at a distance. We have been the provider of distance learning postgraduate courses, both taught and research, in ancient history, classics, classical studies and Greek and Latin for more than ten years.