Art and Design Students

The following is the standard pattern for term dates for traditional full-time students.

Dates may vary for certain programmes e.g. PGCE, Lampeter Campus, part-time students, flexi-students, London and Birmingham programmes — please check with your Programme Manager.

Please note that changes to dates for teacher education programmes such as PGCE may be driven externally.

Term Dates 2022/2023

Autumn Term 2022

  • 02/09/2022 PGCE start date
  • 26/09/2022 Beginning of term
  • 16/12/2022 End of term
  • 21/12/2022 End of term PGCE 

Spring Term 2023

  • 09/01/2023 Beginning of term
  • 31/03/2023 End of term

Summer Term 2023

  • 24/04/2023 Beginning of term
  • 14/07/2023 End of term

Undergraduate Programme Start Dates