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Musical Theatre (BA)

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Our Musical Theatre degree is a two-year intensive programme which offers practical training that will equip participants in the ‘triple-threat’ disciplines of acting, singing and dancing. By working with industry professionals, Oue degree in Musical Theatre will offer you an industry-relevant, focused course of study. The course teachers are committed to developing creative, independent, thinking artists; artists relevant to the industry.

Whilst studying Musical Theatre students will be given a sound and practical understanding of the workings of the musical theatre industry. Thus developing student’s understanding of transferable skills from within the training to the wider world so maximising their employability potential.

Level 4 focuses on building foundational principles, which will continue to be applicable for the rest of the degree and beyond. The first year will establish the theme that theory and practice are interlinked. Level 5 continues to develop and advance these skills and begins to apply and contextualise them in rounded performances. Level 6 enhances the skills and experiences gained at levels 5 and 6 in a range of 30-credit performance and professional practice modules, including two major production modules and a Final Showcase, thus preparing you for a potential career in musical theatre or related fields.
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Musical Theatre (BA)
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Contact Email: wavda@uwtsd.ac.uk
Contact Name: Eilir Owen Griffiths

Tuition Fees 2023/24:
Home (Full-time): £9,000 per year
Overseas (Full-time): £13,500 per year

Why choose this course?

  • Triple-threat Musical Theatre degree
  • Small classroom sizes
  • Taught by industry professionals
  • Final showcase
  • Full productions with professional directors and technical support

What you will learn

Course Overview

Level 4

Level 4 is a period of developing core skills and techniques. The first 15 weeks are an opportunity to focus on acting, singing (1 to 1 and ensemble work) and voice work classes along with Tap, Bale, Jazz and Contemporary dance classes. There’s an opportunity to analyse and research a wide range of styles in our theatre laboratory.

The period ends with a performance project that gives the opportunity to apply all the skills developed during the level.

Level 5 

Level 5 continues to develop and advance the core skills and begins to apply and contextualise them into an all rounded performance. Students will be introduced to new writing and developing their own work as well as building skills and competencies necessary for career resilience and professional development for the future work context.  

Level 6

Level 6 is about bringing the skills and techniques together in two productions that give you the opportunity to work with a director and a professional production team. The Creative Industries module focuses on the necessary skills to make the transition to the world of work including the preparation of a final showcase. In addition, you will work on an independent project that can focus on any aspect of the degree and showcase your individual talents.

Module Topics

Level 4 (Cert HE, Dip HE & BA)

  • Acting (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Dance Training 1 (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Independent Study (Retrieval) (20 credits; optional)
  • Learning in the Digital Era (20 credits; Graduate Attributes Framework module; compulsory)
  • Performance Class (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Singing 1 (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Theatre Laboratory (20 credits; compulsory).

Level 5 (Dip HE & BA)

  • Acting for Musical Theatre 2 (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Audition Technique (10 credits; compulsory)
  • Changemakers: Building your Personal Brand for Sustainable Employment (20 credits; Graduate Attributes Framework module; compulsory)
  • Collaborative Project (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Dance Training 2 (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Retrieval (20 credits; optional)
  • Singing 2 (30 credits; compulsory).

Level 6 (BA)

  • Creative Industries (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Final Production (30 credits; compulsory)
  • Independent Project (40 credits; Graduate Attributes Framework module; compulsory)
  • Production 1 (30 credits; compulsory).

Students regularly have the opportunity to take part in performances/events throughout their degree, in which we can see the growth and application of skills and knowledge. 

Regular tutorials
Throughout the degree, we hold formal and informal tutorials in which each student discusses their work with the module tutor or Programme Director. We look at practical development, conceptual growth and future intentions.

Presentations normally occur at the end of a module, exhibition or performance, to measure a student’s performance against assessment criteria.

Process workbooks
Students will document their process and practical work in a workbook that demonstrates their learning and individual pathway.

Graduate Attributes Framework

This Framework aims to develop your professional skills and competence alongside your academic subject knowledge. You’ll study up to 40 credits per level throughout your programme from the Graduate Attributes Framework.

The Graduate Attribute modules are designed to enable you to develop, and evidence, a range of career-focused skills related to your subject area. These skills include digital competency, research and project management, as well as such personal competencies as communication, creativity, self-reflection, resilience and problem-solving. 

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Student and Cardiff Life

Key Information


Professional artists from the creative industries, who are experts in their field, teach on our degree. They can offer not only detailed and thorough information but also personal experience and insight into the performance industry as it stands today.

Programme Director and Senior Lecturer: Eilir Owen Griffiths 
Theatre Lecturer: Elen Bowman
Dance Lecturer: Tori Johns
Administration Officer: Nia James

Visiting Artists:

  • Rhian Morgan (Voice)
  • Rhian Cronshaw (Voice)
  • Aled Pedrick (Acting)
  • Tonya Smith (Acting)
  • Eiry Thomas (Acting)
  • Angharad Lee (Acting)
  • Robbie Bowman (Acting)
  • John Quirk (Music Director)
  • David Laugharne (Singing)
  • Michael Moorwood (Singing)
  • Eiry Thomas (Acting)
  • Mali Tudno (Acting)
  • Steve Cassey (Acting)
  • Amy Guppy (Dance)
  • Alexa Garcia (Dance)
  • Morgan Thomas (Physical Theatre)
  • Luke Hereford (Director)
  • Sara Lloyd (Director)
  • David George Harrington (Music Director)
  • Christopher Fossey (Music Director)
Entry Criteria

We would be looking for 90-120 UCAS Points.

The university may consider applicants without formal qualifications if they are able to demonstrate an exceptional level of ability and practical experience.

Online Audition Process

STEP 1: Self-tape

Musical Theatre students should prepare a self-tape with the following content:

  1. Songs:2 Musical Theatre Songs
  2. Dance: Self-tape of the following jazz exercises:
  3. Standing on the spot, 4 jazz kicks to the front and 4 jazz kicks to the side on both legs.
  4. A single pirouette in parallel to the right and to the left
  5. With turned out legs – 8 jumps in first and 8 jumps in second
  6. With parallel legs – 8 jumps in parallel first and 8 jumps in parallel second
  7. Short jazz routine lasting roughly 16 bars. This should demonstrate performance quality and musicality. If you already have a recorded or filmed routine, please ensure that it is clear who you are if it is a group routine. 

Make sure you state clearly at the beginning of the tapes the following info:

  • Full Name
  • Degree applying for
  • Title of Audition Pieces

STEP 2: Interview

You will be invited to a short interview with the programme team on zoom. You must prepare the following:

  1. Monologue: The monologue should last no longer than two minutes and from a published play and should not be extracts from poems, novels, films or television scripts. It is advisable to choose a character that is close to your age and you should perform it in your native accent.
  2. The programme team will work with you on your chosen piece followed by questions.

Following a successful audition applicants will be offered a place. There are limited places available each year.

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Student Quotes

Erin Summerhayes

“BA Musical Theatre at UWTSD has been everything I hoped for and more. The professionalism and friendliness of everyone involved is outstanding; I feel so welcomed.

"I am thoroughly enjoying the triple threat training provided and cannot wait to continue my journey with them, getting me one step closer to achieving my dream.”

Lloyd Macey

“I’m very proud to have studied at UWTSD Cardiff – it gave me the opportunity to grow and develop as a performer and to find my own voice. I don’t think I would ever have gone for the X-Factor if I hadn’t done this course.

I’d always sung and I’d had the experience of singing before but it gave me confidence and it taught me so much about myself. It taught me how to channel my nerves... to think I can sing in front of millions of people every weekend… two years ago, I would never have been able to do it.

So no way, I would never have done the X Factor if it hadn’t been for all the hard work and effort that the lectures put into this course."

Bursary / Scholarship Information

You may be eligible for funding to help support your study.  To find out about scholarships, bursaries and other funding opportunities that are available please visit our Scholarships and Bursaries section.


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