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  • UWTSD ranked 9th in the UK for satisfied with teaching
  • 100%  of UWTSD’s PGCE students  were in employment  and/or further study six months after graduating
  • Icons for Teaching
  • 100% of UWTSD’s Foundation Degree Inclusive Studies for Teaching Assistants students agreed that staff are good at explaining things and have made the subject interesting.
  • 100% of UWTSD’s Addysg Gynradd students agreed that staff are good at explaining things.
  • UWTSD ranked in the top 10 UK universities for student satisfaction in  Academic Studies in Education.
  • UWTSD ranked 1st in Wales for student satisfaction in Initial Teacher Training.

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Choosing teaching as a career gives you the opportunity to really make a difference in the world.

Be empowered to provide young people with the tools to reach their potential while you nurture their well-being.

It is an especially exciting time to be a teacher. Generation Z will possibly enter careers that don’t even exist yet and so it is vital that ‘wider skills’ are taught to prepare them for tomorrow’s world. Critical thinking and problem-solving, planning and organising, creativity and innovation, and personal effectiveness and reflection are some of the skills they will need to succeed.

Today’s teachers aim to develop the whole student, creating ambitious and capable learners, enterprising creative contributors, ethical, informed citizens, and healthy, confident individuals who contribute directly to enriching the quality of their lives and the world around them.

There are several routes into teaching. You could choose our three-year undergraduate BA (Hons) Primary with QTS or a one-year Post-graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Primary or a specialist Secondary ++subject.

If you want a career in Education, are unsure whether you want to be a teacher but want to leave that option open, then you could also investigate the three-year BA (Hons) Education Studies route.

  • What I loved about University of Wales Trinity Saint David was that the lecturers were open and inspiring as well. I really fell in love with learning. Teaching for me is a gift.


    Sol Goremano Llanrhidian Primary School

  • I was working in industry as a Regional Operational Manager for a vehicle company and the part of the job I loved the most was the training and development of people and getting the best out of people. In teaching I could get the best from people every day.


    Sam Hyde PGCE Business Studies Student Teacher, 2017

  • I was a barrister from Barcelona where languages opened a lot of doors. I decided that I wanted to train to teach in Wales to give something back and I enjoy being able to share my knowledge.


    Guillermo Hidalgo PGCE Modern Foreign Languages Student Teacher, 2017

  • For 17 years I ran a business giving history and educational tours as a guide for Planet Wales. I have an interest in history and read a lot for pleasure. With so much enthusiasm it is easy to teach it.


    Bill O’Keefe PGCE History Student Teacher, 2017

  • The first time I did maths I got a D. My teacher was amazing − firm, fair and down to Earth. He knew I could do better. I resat the year and was determined. I just got a first class maths degree and it was all down to my teacher’s encouragement. Everyone can do maths.


    Gabrielle Jones PGCE Mathematics Student Teacher, 2017

  • Maths is the foundation of everything engineered, principles of maths embedded. I found secondary school extremely difficult and my teacher taught me instrumentally and step-by-step and cleared the difficulty from my head. He was inspiring and with such passion about the subject, passion flows. When teaching I bring industry research and networking to connect maths with the outside world, the future and where they are going.


    Ademola AgunbiadeCivil Engineer and now a PGCE Mathematics Student Teacher, 2017

  • Teaching is one of the professions where you can change lives. Everyone remembers that one teacher who made an impact. You cannot escape religion, it is a core part of society. The more we encourage tolerance, get rid of ignorance and know more, the better society can be. RE teaches respect for one another.


    Lauren Slye PGCE Religious Education Student Teacher, 2017

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Five Reasons to Train to Teach at UWTSD:

  • 1st in Wales for Student Satisfaction in Initial Teacher Training – NSS 2017.
  • UWTSD ranked in the top 10 UK Universities for Student Satisfaction in Academic Studies in Education.
  • We have an excellent 100% employment rate for our PGCE students (DLHE, 2015/16).
  • We are responsible for piloting innovative, new programmes of school-based study and school-based development and practice.
  • The PGCE programmes include 40-60* Level 7 credits which can count towards your MA Education.

Undergraduate Routes into Teaching

Postgraduate Routes into Teaching