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If you are planning to live away from home whilst at University, accommodation is probably top of your list of concerns. All three of our main campuses have on-site ‘halls’ or student accommodation, with many of these rooms prioritised for first-year students.

  • We have a range of different types of accommodation available, all offering a safe and secure but independent ‘home away from home’ while you study.
  • Living in residential halls puts you at the heart of student life, and students in our accommodation benefit from a wide variety of on-campus services.
  • To find out more about the options for student accommodation and how to apply for them, follow the individual campus link.
Our response to Covid-19

The UWTSD Accommodation Department have had a busy time during the COVID19 Pandemic.   It all started on the 23 March, when the country went into Lockdown.   The majority of students left their accommodation, leaving behind their belongings, thinking they would be returning after Easter, but this did not happen.   The University agreed that those students who had left their accommodation, were no longer liable for the accommodation fees, and arrangements were made with the Finance Department to refund part of the second term fees, and not collecting the third term fees from these students.

For those students who choose to remain on campus, the Accommodation Department have supported these students by providing some food packages, cleaning packages and telephone support on a weekly basis to ensure regular contact with them, and dealing with any issues they may have had.   

We are currently arranging for students to return to our campuses to collect belongings, and this is being done in a way to ensure the safety of all students remaining on campus, students and families returning, the local community and our staff.

With the uncertainties ahead of us for the next academic year, the Accommodation Department are currently working on more flexible Licence Agreements to align with students studies.

Wishing all our students a safe and enjoyable break, and we look forward to welcoming you back to campus in September.

Universities UK – Code of Practice


The Accommodation Code of Practice is designed as a statement of good practice which is subject to change and refinement in the light of experience and encourages better management of the accommodation. The code ensures that residents benefit from clear policies and procedures relating to the following:

  • Health & Safety
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Student Welfare
  • Antisocial behaviour and disciplinary issues
  • Environmental quality