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Our Mission

Transforming Education; Transforming Lives

The learner is central to the University and the wider Group.

The education we deliver, underpinned by high quality research, will be distinctive; it will develop the minds and skills of our students, and also be inclusive, professional and employment-focused.

Our Vision

To transform, shape and develop futures

Our aim is to establish a new educational ‘system’ of universities and colleges committed to educating students of all ages and backgrounds, and to stimulate economic development in the region and across Wales and beyond.

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David System will transform the delivery of higher education and training in Wales. Central to this new model will be the establishment of a new sustainable planning framework that will encompass, nurture, stimulate, and promote the development of coherent educational pathways across a wide range of institutions.

Our Values

The core values of the University are derived from our learner-focused mission and vision, and are articulated and advanced through the promotion of the following planning themes:

  • Collaboration through the establishment of a range of strategic relationships at regional, national and international level. Such networks will have the potential to inspire our learners, staff and partners to create exciting new learning futures.
  • Inclusivity through putting learners first and championing lifelong learning without barriers; and supporting students from all backgrounds and at all stages of their education.
  • Employability and creativity by harnessing the entrepreneurial, research, creative and enterprising skills of our learners, we can offer educational programmes that allow our students to have the best opportunities to gain employment and develop their transferable skills.
  • Sustainable Development through a system-based approach to delivering meaningful and relevant educational pathways that promotes learning and social responsibility.
  • Wales and its distinctiveness through celebrating the distinctive linguistic and cultural assets and heritage of Wales.
  • The concept of Global Citizenship through the development of further multi-national activities and opportunities for our learners, staff and partners.
  • Research and its impact on policy by ensuring that our research activity and outcomes influence the evidence base of policies developed in Wales and beyond. UWTSD at a glance.

Our Defining Characteristics

We are a University that:

  • adds value to the learning experience through a distinctive ‘system-based’ approach that combines traditional higher education with vocational, professional and academic research activities, delivered with academic rigour;
  • offers a well-defined undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, which delivers distinctive graduate attributes in the areas of employability, enterprise, sustainable education and global citizenship;
  • is dedicated to realising the potential of each individual student and to supporting students at all stages of their education;
  • is pioneering new approaches to work-based learning and professional practice that enhance workforce and enterprise capabilities; and
  • is committed to all aspects of sustainable development.