Academic Quality Handbook 2021-22

The chapters refer to a number of policy documents, best practice guidelines and appendices – these will be published as soon as they are finalised.

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Please note that the Student Guides have been replaced by the Academic Quality Handbook, Policies and Guidance Documents available on this page.


Academic Quality Handbook - Key Changes for 2021-22
Contents Pages
Chapter 01 Institutional Context (Pages 1-4)
Chapter 02 Academic Committee Structure (Pages 5-22)
Chapter 03 Quality Enhancement (Pages 23-26)
Chapter 04 Programme Design Approval Validation Monitoring and Review (Pages 27-37)
Chapter 05 Student Representation Engagement and Support (Pages 38-42)

Chapter 06 Taught Award Regulations (Pages 43-78)

Chapter 07 Assessment Taught Programmes (Pages 79-86) 
Chapter 08 Research Degree Regulations (Pages 87-115)

Chapter 09 Procedural Framework for Collaborative Provision (Pages 116-128)

Chapter 10 Short Course PPF Contributing Partners and Accreditation (Pages 129-133)

Chapter 11 Working With Others (Pages 134-138) 
Chapter 12 Student Policies (Pages 139-141)

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