Academic Quality Handbook 2023–2024

The chapters refer to a number of policy documents, best practice guidelines and appendices – these will be published as soon as they are finalised.

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Summary of key changes - Academic Quality Handbook 2023-24


Contents Pages
Chapter 01 Institutional Context (Pages 1-4)
Chapter 02 Academic Committee Structure (Pages 5–23)
Chapter 03 Quality Enhancement (Pages 24-27)
Chapter 04 Programme Design Approval Validation Monitoring and Review (Pages 28–39)
Chapter 05 Student Representation Engagement and Support (Pages 40–44)

Chapter 06 Taught Award Regulations (Pages 45–83)

Chapter 07 Assessment Taught Programmes (Pages 84–91)
Chapter 08 Research Degree Regulations (Pages 92–119)

Chapter 09 Procedural Framework for Collaborative Provision (Pages 120–132)

Chapter 10 Microcredentials, Short Courses, PPF, Contributing Partners, External Locations, and Accreditation (Pages 133–140)

Chapter 11 Working With Others (Pages 141–145)

Chapter 12 Student Policies (Pages 146–148)

Student Support Policies

Student Complaints, Appeals and Other Concerns

 Academic Policies

Admissions Related Policies

 Safeguarding Students

Academic Quality Handbook 2023–24 – complete document

Revisions to Academic Quality Handbook 2023/24 post publication in September 2023

Revisions to the Academic Quality Handbook post publication will be listed below. Relevant Chapters will be designated as REVISED.


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