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MA Education (Wales)

A truly transformative and sector leading programme

The educational landscape in Wales is changing rapidly. Teaching not only requires the mastery of a complex set of skills to guide, motivate, and facilitate student learning, but also the ability to enquire into professional practice in order to improve it.

The National MA Education (Wales) has been collaboratively developed by seven universities in Wales through direct engagement with a variety of key stakeholders including Welsh Government.  This course will ensure that all education professionals in Wales have the same high-quality opportunity to enhance their professional knowledge, engage with research and to improve their professional practice.


Candidates must hold Qualified Teacher Status and be currently employed in the compulsory education sector in the UK. Candidates may use up to 60 credits of approved prior learning towards the Master’s degree.

Please contact Anna Brychan for more details.

Institution Code: T80
Tuition Fees 2021/22:
£6,500* without funding

Tuition Fees 2020/21

Why choose this course?

This course is unique in that it has been collaboratively designed by seven universities, has sought input and advice from international and Wales-based education experts and researchers, and engaged with practitioners working and leading in Welsh classrooms to inform the design and delivery of the programme.

Yr Athrofa: Centre for Education is the heart of UWTSD’s education provision.
It is built on a long tradition of innovation stretching back to 1848, making it the oldest teacher training centre in the country.

Yr Athrofa now welcomes more than 300 student-teachers each year and engages in a wide range of education research, focussing particularly on close-to-practice research.

It houses a Centre for Professional Learning and Leadership which offers a range of programmes for educators at all stages in their career – from pre-university taster courses for school learners interested in a career in education, to PhDs and EdD programmes which attract leading figures and influencers from within the education sector in Wales.

Yr Athrofa: Centre for Education is also proud of its partnership model with schools, the Athrofa Professional Learning Partnership (APLP). This is a network of 18 lead and over 130 partner schools stretching from Pembrokeshire in the west to Monmouthshire in the east. The APLP is responsible for leading the university’s Initial Teacher Education programmes, developing research capacity in schools, and shaping the professional learning offer for educators.

The Athrofa: Centre for Education is a vibrant and innovative environment in which to learn, to network and to influence education in Wales.

What you will learn

Course Overview

The course is 3 years part-time. There is no full-time option.

Students who have completed a PGCE with 60 credits at Level 7 are likely to be exempt from the first year of study. Those students who do not have this award will study three modules in the first year:

  • Pedagogy and Practice (20 credits)
  • Collaboration and Professional Practice (20)
  • Evidence-Informed Practice (20 credits)

In year 2, students will take the core Research Enquiry Skills module, alongside any 2 optional modules. All the modules are 20 credits.

Optional Modules:

  • Leadership and Management of ALN
  • Inclusive Classroom Practice
  • Leading and Managing Education Professionals
  • Leading Organisational Change
  • Curriculum Design and Realisation
  • Exploring Pedagogies
  • Emotional and Mental Wellbeing
  • Equity and Diversity

The third and final year will focus on the core Dissertation module (60 credits).

There will be 200 hours of study per 20 credit module, of which 22 will be contact hours. Learning will be a blend of online and face-to-face. Activities will be a combination of lectures, seminars, group activities and individual activities.

Students will join their peers on the same course at the six other universities for some synchronous online sessions to develop a national learning community.

Module Topics

Modules typically include:

  • Advanced Research and Enquiry Skills 
  • Additional Learning Needs, Excellence in Practice
  • Curriculum Design and Realisation
  • Evidence-Informed Practice

Assessments are all coursework assignments and will be submitted at the end of each module. There will be one assessment per module.

Key Information

Entry Criteria

Candidates must hold Qualified Teacher Status and be currently employed in the compulsory education sector in the UK. Candidates may use up to 60 credits of approved prior learning towards the Master’s degree.

Please contact Anna Brychan for more details.

Career Opportunities

Designed for qualified teachers at all career stages.

Student Quotes

As President of the ARC Education Collaboratory - a global group of 7 education Ministers and professional leaders committed to high quality and education, of which Wales is a founding member - I want to commend Welsh Government and its partners for committing to a fully-funded National Masters degree for early career teachers. ARC and other global organizations like the OECD, have made it clear that high performing and equitable systems have strong commitments to public education, an inspiring and consistent national educational vision, and a highly qualified teaching force.

High quality, committed, and collaborating teachers with motivating career paths ahead of them are the beating heart of the world's best educational systems. From Finland to Singapore, from Canada to South Korea, from the very best world's education systems, it is clear that high quality and equity are not possible without a highly valued, capable, and rigorously developed teaching force who become the pride of their nation and its future.

This commitment to a fully funded National Masters degree for teachers is one more great step forward for the Welsh education system, its teachers, and all its young people on its path to greatness. 

Professor Andy Hargreaves
President of the ARC Education Collaboratory
Ottawa, Canada 

This new Masters programme is a huge investment not only in education but also in the future of Wales. The collaborative manner in which the new programme was developed and led, also speaks volumes about the unity of purpose in Welsh education. Wales has given other education systems a masterclass example of how the education profession could and should be supported, to address the demands of a rapidly changing education landscape.

Professor Pak Tee Ng is a Singaporean educator who is deeply involved in the development of school leaders in his country. He has wonderful memories of his interaction with Welsh educators when he spoke in Swansea in 2019. 

Professor Pak Tee Ng

The launch of a fully, funded National Masters' program for early career teachers in Wales is an extremely important and welcome development. Within a school, the most important factor for supporting a students' learning is the quality of teaching. International evidence is clear that education systems that invest in the teaching profession tend to be higher performing. The National Masters' offers needed professional learning for teachers at a key stage in their career, which will benefit future teaching and learning for all Welsh school students. 

Professor Carol Campbell

Professor Carol Campbell is a leading global expert in professional learning, based at OISE Canada.