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  • Events and Festivals Management BA / HND

The BA (Hons) Events and Festivals Management programme is underpinned by core elements of Business Management and Project Planning and is designed to prepare graduates for working in the dynamic Events and Festivals environment.

Key Facts

Awards: BA
Course Length:
HND 2 year BA 3 years

Tuition Fees for 2018/19:
£9000 (Home/EU students)
£11000 (Overseas students)
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Faculty of Business and Management
Contact Name:
Suzanne Wells
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As Events and Festivals have become a more prevalent force for economic and socio-cultural development strategies for cities and destinations as well as a means to enhance business goals, there is a continuing need for the event graduate who understands the structure and functions of the industry. BA Events and Festivals Management embeds creativity, essential skills and an entrepreneurial mind set to produce graduates who are ready for a diverse range of employment opportunities.

Core modules at Level 4 include Finance, People and Organisation Management, Marketing, Professional Development, the Events and Festivals Context and an Introduction to Events and Festivals Planning and Creative Design. Within the structure of the modules, skills such as project management, entrepreneurship, creativity, coaching, mentoring, critical thinking and communication will be integrated. The programme has a strong employability theme that is seen in the approach to delivery through the use of live projects, internships and consultancy.  

Modules at Level 5 have an operational focus, preparing the student for practical planning and management of Events and Festivals. Modules such as Operations Management and Live Events Project prepare students for the skills required to conceptualise, plan and manage events and festivals from inception to completion. Risk Management and Project Management principles are integral to learning and the delivery of a live event. This approach aims to prepare the student for a dynamic environment which requires creative thought, independence and resilience.

At level 6, modules have a focus on policy, strategy and sustainability on a national and international scale. Leading and Developing People and Strategic Marketing also provide the skills, knowledge and understanding to effectively manage people and planned promotion of events and festivals. Students will also have the opportunity to engage in a live event consultancy project or independent study to investigate issues which will further develop understanding of the sector and its future.

Events and festivals management provides an opportunity to engage with the diverse opportunities represented by the events industry. Students will benefit from studying the underpinning event management concepts and engaging with live event projects to develop exciting industry experience which develops employability.

Assessment will range from written work and presentations to practical, event planning opportunities.

BA 88 | HND 46

  • Event Manager
  • Event Director
  • Festival Manager
  • Event Safety
  • Marketing Manager
  • PR Manager
  • Sports event and venue manager

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