Full-time Undergraduate Fees 2020-21

Overseas students should refer to our Overseas Student Fees section.

BA, BD, BSC, BAED, CertHE, DipHE, Licence, Foundation, BENG  £9,000
BA, BD, BSC, BAED, CertHE, DipHE, Licence, Foundation, BENG
– modules retakes  - per credit
BEng Foundation Year
– (after applying bursary of £1500 the fee will be £7,500) 
Ducere (BA)
- Students who started on or after May 2019
Ducere (BA)
- Students who started before May 2019
Early Years Education and Care (BA) (early years practitioner)
- 2 year programme
Early Years Education and Care (BA) (early years practitioner)
- 2 year programme accelerated entry - year 1 fee only 
For those in 1 above spending an intercalary year outside the University (e.g. in an overseas country)  £1,800
Integrated Masters £9,000
Part-time undergraduate degrees (BA, BD, BSC, BAED, CertHE, DipHE, Licence, Foundation )
– per credit 

Other Undergraduate Fees

Bible and Theology (Graduate Diploma)
The price quoted of £7,200 is for the full cost of the course.
The invoicing will be modular based @ £1200 per 20 credit module. Therefore your typical fee structure would be:
Year 1  60 credits     £3,600
Year 2  60 credits     £3,600
BEng Manufacturing
- per Semester
- (Foundation level is 7 semesters, otherwise a 5-semester course).
CCNA Routing & Switching (CCNADIP-PT) £1,290
CILEx Level 3 Certificate In Law & Practice £440
CILEx Level 6 Certificate In Law £590
CILEx Level 3 Diploma In Law & Practice £440
CILEx Level 6 Graduate Fast Track Diploma £590
Counselling Skills (GCERT) £1,600
Education (Post Graduate Certificate)
(Post Compulsory Education And Training) x 2 year course
Education (Professional Graduate Certificate)
(Post Compulsory Education And Training) x 2 year course
Foundation Degree
- 80 credits (students started as from 2019/20)
Graduate Certificate - 60 credits  £1,800
Human Resource Management (Intermediate Certificate) £850
Inclusive Education (Foundation Degree)
- 80 credits (returning students who started prior to 2017/18) 
IWLP - (Institute of Languages) per module  £100
Inclusive Education (Foundation Degree)
- 80 credits (students who started 2017/18 & 2018/19) 
Learning Support (Foundation) £750
Management (Graduate Certificate) £1,200
Nursing and Health (Diploma of HE)
- part-time (60cr) x 2 years 
Professional Development (GDIP)
(Educ - PISE: SLD/PMLD) 
Professional Learning (GCERT) £1,850
WELSH: Certificate in Practical Welsh £35.00
WELSH: Foundation Certificate in Welsh  £35.00
Youth & Community work (BA) (part-time) - per credit £35.00

More Information about our Fees and Finance options

Tuition Fee Loans

Postgraduate Students only

PGCE Funding is available through Student Finance in the form of a Tuition Fee Loan.

Student Finance Wales offer a mix of Postgraduate Loan and Grant up to £17,000 while Student Finance England offer a Postgraduate Loan of £10,906.

Paying by three Instalments without a Tuition Fee Loan

Funding your study without a Tuition Fee Loan

If you choose not to have a Tuition Fee Loan and/or are responsible for paying your own tuition fees:

Payment can be made in up to three instalments. If you have any queries regarding the payment of fees, please contact the Finance Department.

Fees are to be paid in up to three instalments:
First Instalment
– Payable by or at Enrolment
Second Instalment
– Payable at the start of the Second Term
Third Instalment
– Payable at the start of the Third Term

Here are the dates when instalments will be paid:-
(based on the start date of your course)

Aug 01-Sep
Sep 01-Oct
Oct 01-Nov
Nov 01-Dec
Dec 01-Jan
Jan 01-Feb
Feb 01-Mar
Mar 01-Apr
Apr 01-May
May 01-Jun
Jun 01-Jul
Aug 15-Dec
Sep 15-Jan
Oct 15-Feb
Nov 15-Mar
Dec 15-Apr
Jan 15-May
Feb 15-Jun
Mar 15-Jul
Apr 15-Aug
May 15-Sep
Jun 15-Oct
Aug 15-Apr
Sep 15-May
Oct 15-Jun
Nov 15-Jul
Dec 15-Aug
Jan 15-Sep
Feb 15-Oct
Mar 15-Nov
Apr 15-Dec
May 15-Jan
Jun 15-Feb
Setting up automatic Scheduled Fee payments

If you do not take out a Tuition Fee Loan, the easiest way to pay your tuition fees is to set up automatically scheduled payments on our website.
(Once you have entered your card details, the information is securely stored to allow payments to be taken on the appropriate dates).

Please note that the payment plan can only be set up after you have received your invoice.

Contacts: Student Finance Company

If you have any queries regarding the payment of fees or would like to discuss student finance with us, you are welcome to contact the UWTSD Finance Department advisors by emailing moneydoctors@uwtsd.ac.uk

If you wish to contact the Student Finance Company offices, please visit the website for the area in which you are normally resident.  These are listed below:

Applications for the next academic year can be made from mid-February and the deadline is 9 months after the start of your course.

When completing your Student Finance application, please ensure that you select:

UCAS institution code: T80
University name: University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Student Finance Company Contacts:

Tel: 0300 200 4050

Tel: 0300 100 0607

Northern Ireland
Tel: 0300 100 0077

Tel: 0300 555 0505

Tel: 0141 243 3570

Contacts: UWTSD Finance Department

Finance Department

Swansea Campus 
Second floor, Llys Glas, Pleasant Street, Swansea, SA1 5DS 
Tel: 01792 481050
Opening hours: 
10:00 – 12:00 & 14:00 – 16:00 (Mon-Fri)

Carmarthen Campus
Second floor, Dewi Building, directly above Reception
Tel: 01267 676837
Opening hours: 
9:00 – 16:00 (Mon-Fri)

E-mail: fees@uwtsd.ac.uk

Contacts: UWTSD Student Services Finance Officers

Student Services Finance Officers 

If you have any queries regarding funding or financial support, please contact the Student Services Finance Officers:

Swansea Campus:
Sharon Alexander
Tel: 01792 481123

Carmarthen Campus: 
Delyth Lewis
Tel: 01267 676947

Lampeter Campus: 
Lynda Lloyd-Davies
Tel: 01570 424722

Visit our Financial Support section to find out more.