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The Confucius Institute offers a range of Chinese language courses for different purposes, from Chinese courses for travel and leisure, to more intensive (fast-track) courses. All courses lead up to the official HSK Chinese Proficiency exams. For those looking for an accredited course, we offer the university level Certificate of Higher Education in Chinese as a part-time two year course.

New for Autumn 2018

  • Survival Chinese – a ten-week course covering the basics of Chinese language and culture to help you get by on study trips. Upon completion of the course students may be eligible for the Hanban-funded two-week summer camp in Beijing and Xi’an.
  • Business Chinese - two-year route leading to the internationally recognised Business Chinese Test
  • HSK training short courses to get you up to speed for the internationally recognised Chinese language proficiency test

Language Courses 2018-19

Confucius Institute language courses Autumn 2018 - Overview

Confucius Institute Chinese Language Programme Structure