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BA Acting

A Practical course training the actors of tomorrow. The BA Acting degree has been designed to develop your skills so that you graduate as industry-ready professionals. To do so, you will collaborate with theatre professionals from different disciplines creating an extremely encouraging and supportive environment in which students can safely explore and experiment. Exploring practical performance skills, developing connections with industry professionals and fostering entrepreneurship is at the heart of this training.


BA Acting
UCAS Code:  W410
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Course Length:
3 Years Full-time

Why choose this course

  1. All assessments are practical, based on performances – no exams or dissertation.
  2. Learn from and collaborate with experienced, fully trained professionals who have worked on stage, TV and film – gaining connections along the way.
  3. Explore different genres from contemporary writers to the absurd and Shakespeare.
  4. Work with other students to create artistic pieces.
  5. Study abroad available in the United States.

What you will learn

Course Overview

The first year of the BA Acting programme concentrates on the development of the basic blocks of any actors training, namely Voice, Movement, Musical Performance, Improvisation and Acting.

Students are supported as they build their confidence and techniques and cultivate their creativity as collaborators and performers. The second year builds on these techniques as we practically explore how they apply these skills to different areas of work, such as Shakespeare, contemporary plays and Absurd Theatre.

The final year concentrates on applying your training to professional rehearsal setting as you perform in three major public productions, Touring Theatre, Mainhouse Theatre and Site Specific/Studio Theatre. Exposure to these types of processes, along with a Professional Practice module, which explores audition techniques, CVs, Equity, and soon, will prepare you for your entry into the creative industries.


Modules at Level 4:

  • Voice
  • Musical Performance
  • Acting
  • Improvisation and Devising
  • Movement
  • Theatre Styles

Modules at Level 5:

  • Performance Industry
  • Script, Rehearsal & Performance
  • Acting for TV & Radio
  • Performing Shakespeare
  • Specalised Performance Practice
  • Symbolism & Absurd Theatre

Modules at Level 6:

  • Touring Theatre
  • Site-specific/ Studio Theatre
  • Main-house Performance
  • Performance Industry

Students regularly have the opportunity to take part in performances/events throughout their degree, in which we can see growth and application of skills and knowledge. 

Regular tutorials
We hold formal and informal tutorials throughout the degree in which each student discusses their work with the module tutor or Programme Director. We look at practical development, conceptual growth and future intentions.

Presentations normally take place at the end of a module, exhibition or performance, in order to measure a student’s performance against assessment criteria.

Process workbooks
At level 4 & 5 students will document their process and practical work in a workbook which demonstrates their learning and individual pathway. At level 6, students write about their work in blogs, forums and short written tasks.

Creative Carmarthen, Graduates and Industry Links

Student and Carmarthen Life

Key Information

Entry Criteria

You will be invited to visit the University to audition. Entry is based on individual merit and 64 UCAS Points.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates have gone on to a variety of careers and further study, including:

  • Acting – theatre, TV & Film 
  • Corporation role play & training 
  • Applied drama
  • Education
  • Postgraduate study/research
  • Voiceover & narration
Additional Costs

This section is currently being updated.

Student Quotes

Katyana Malcolm Current BA Acting Student, Year 3

“The great thing about the acting course at UWTSD is the range of modules available; from classical Shakespeare to absurd and experimental theatre.”

“As part of the course, we receive a wide range of in-depth training by specialists in those areas. The tutors are always willing to chat, however, independent learning is also valued. I would encourage you to invest time in making friends with your fellow students on your course. It is important to support each other in the work that you do, and to encourage each other in your endeavours, both in and out of the lectures.

Carmarthen itself is a lovely place to live, and so get involved in the town, volunteer, explore and learn. I am looking forward to working with professionals next year and exploring the depths of my abilities through the lessons I have learnt over the past two years.”

Jordan Nasser Current BA Acting Student, Year 3

“I chose to go to the University of Wales Trinity Saint David because of the homely atmosphere; being a smaller campus makes it easier to make friends inside and outside the course.”

“Then there’s the quality and content of the BA Acting degree with its range of different modules that are suited to the industry today. Support has always been offered by the tutors on my course, which creates a very friendly atmosphere and builds a good relationship between the students and lecturers. The degree also offers many opportunities to get involved in a lot of creative projects within the university and has opened doors through me meeting contacts who have got me involved in other projects outside the university for work experience, setting me up for after the degree. Going forward into my third year, I really look forward to working with directors and other industry professionals and putting the things that I have learned throughout the degree, and personal aims built over the degree, to good use.”

Ahne Hovdhaugen, from Norway

"I am very pleased with both my course (BA Acting) and Carmarthen as a campus and as a town. The course is very well laid out, and the lecturers are amazing! Being taught by industry professionals is priceless! I like that the course is very practical, but also still values written work as a part of the assessment. I feel very seen both by my lecturers and by the University as a whole. Everyone is super lovely and helpful, and I don’t regret applying for this University at all! Carmarthen as a town is very safe, welcoming, and not too big for someone who is anxious about moving abroad or away from home. Everything you need is in walking distance, but the taxi drivers are also super lovely if you ever need a taxi ride!"


Image: © Bjørg Hexeberg

Bursary / Scholarship Information
Study Abroad Opportunities

 Embrace the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at universities in USA or Canada. We have exchange links with the following institutions -

  • California State University, Fullerton
  • California State University, Long Beach
  • University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
  • University of North Carolina, Grennsboro
  • Douglas College, Vancouver